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Finding it on EBAY

ladybugNow that my “year of organizing” is officially over, I am in the maintenance period. What I discovered is, the second time around I am willing part with more stuff. Quickly heading towards the life of being a minimalist.

I began to wonder, yet again, if the stuff I am getting rid of could bring in extra money. Just like TV programs that show people bringing their goods to the expert and the expert announces that their little treasure hidden all of those years in their basement is worth thousands of dollars. Who knew?

On my second go around I begin the check on ebay the items that are ready to be decluttered from my house. Just as I expected I can’t get much if I were to sell on ebay. That market seems flooded right now with lots of stuff. I have friends and family that have done well by posting their stuff online but it does take some work and if you are interested in studying the trends you could possible do quite well.

So for today I spot things around the house that are in the way and are no longer being used. Some kid out there would love to have all of those little toys. I can’t tell you how many times I have stepped on those little toys in the middle of the night. Now someone else will have the pleasure.

small toysKeep an eye out for the things that you don’t need, use or enjoy.

Donate today!

Are You A Musical Instrument Hoarder?

JonTrumpetFor those of us who never learned to play an instrument, our hats are off to those who do.  How impressive to be able to sit down at a piano and play. They say it is never too late but I can’t imagine being able to ever do that. Since I couldn’t play anything, it only made sense that I would force my kids to accomplish what I never could.

It isn’t that my mom and dad didn’t pay for piano lessons but I had a mean teacher (or so I thought). At least that was my excuse.

I remember one nightmare of a situation in 2nd grade when the whole class had to learn a song on song flutes and when it was time to perform I didn’t dare blow an ounce of air on that thing or I would have ruined an entire grammar school performance. I must have completely zoned out during those exciting lessons on those hot afternoons.

The musical genius in our family is my youngest son. He loves music, listens to music, writes and composes. He recently wrote about making courageous decisions, although it had to do with MUSIC, it could still be applied to many other situations.

What motivates? When it comes to cleaning and organizing your home nothing motivates more than inviting people over. Perhaps a dinner or even to have someone spend the night. Take the challenge and invite someone over. It’s out of your comfort zone and it is certainly a courageous decision.

Now that the invitation is out there…..get busy, declutter and clean away!

As far as all of those musical instruments around the house, ask yourself those same questions as before… Do I use them? Do I enjoy them? Do I need them?

Check out his site!

How Strong Are You? What To Do With Big Appliances

It isn’t often any of us have to move a rock this big. But what about lifting a big old TV or a big chair that you no longer need? I have a friend that recently decided to get rid of his old TV and a big chair.

He thought calling around to some of the charities that did pick ups would gladly come get the items. However, because there is usually one driver most of our local places said they couldn’t lift things that heavy.

There are several drop off areas in our community but those places don’t take large items. Then he got lucky and found out that a recently opened  Goodwill Store in our area would accept large items in back of the store but he would be responsible to get it there. They confirmed that they won’t take mattresses, washers, dryers or refrigerators.

PROBLEM. Finding someone or a charity who will take this old heavy stuff. The TV still works and the chair is decent but he can’t lift them by himself.

SOLUTION. Call on family or friends to lift onto his pickup truck. Then take to donation center in your area that will take big stuff.

Selling second hand stuff has been around forever and is the great solution in the “circle of stuff” phenomena, for the donators and the buyers. I know I sound like Captain Obvious, but it isn’t easy and many times it isn’t obvious.

Notes on Recycling;

The world of recycling is growing. Currently the Federal Government in the USA does not have any laws mandating recycling. The legislation for recycling has been done at the City, County, and State levels.

In California, as well as many other states, there are programs that encourage businesses to start recycling programs. So before you make a trip to the trash dump with your broken up concrete patio, check out local companies that recycle concrete.  That goes for tires, mattresses, washers, dryers and refrigerators as well.

You will notice when you buy some of these items now there is a recycling fee you pay on top of the purchase price. Hopefully by the time you are ready to get rid of the item it will be easier to find local places that will take them.

The good news for now is, if you have an old TV or an old chair, call on family and friends and get it to a Habitat For Humanity Restore Location or a Goodwill Store.


What To Do With Shapewear

star flowerWarning….this post is for women only.

One thing that popped out this morning on one of the internet videos was a clip with Ali Wentworth about the dangers of Shapewear.

The reason it caught my eye is because a few months ago I wore one all day and had the worst stomach ache at the end of the night. I have several in my closet and although I have worn them in the past I don’t seem to want to wear anymore. I have a wedding to attend soon and plan on wearing one that day so I want to keep at least one. Today was a good day to take them out of the closet and spread out on the bed and make a decision.

Decision made

Keep one. The bigger one.

The same goes for bras.

If one is good, two is better…or maybe not.

One a recent trip to one of the stores I found a sports bra that did the job. I was only intending to buy one but there were 2 colors to chose from so I bought two. The same thing happened with the bra as with the body shapewear. I wore to work and by mid morning my ribs were killing me. I went home to change and haven’t worn them since.

This might be too much information for some of you but women out there understand. Chances are I bought the wrong size. It’s called, wishful thinking. But now what?

Decision made.

Toss both!

Bras and shapewear are hard garments to fit just right. Women spend a lot of money trying to pick out the proper one and it isn’t easy.

At least one actual public bra-burning is documented, at a feminist rally in Lower Sproul Plaza in Berkeley, CA on 2 June 1970….

Tempting isn’t it?



Grieving What It Could Have Been


Sometimes things are hard to get rid of because you know in doing so you will need to grieve. I love gardening!  So the day I got a little oak tree that had been started by a little acorn, I was excited. About 28 years ago I planted that oak tree that had been started in a styrophome cup that my son got from Sunday school. Without much thought we planted it in the back yard and kind of forgot about it. It occasionally got watered and rarely got rained on…because we are in Southern California.


We moved away for several years and rented out our house. When we moved back that tree was about 20feet high. It has been the most successful thing I have ever planted! That story has been told and repeated to almost everyone who visits my backyard.

So when I got the chance to do it again, I was excited and confident. My brother started it from an acorn from his tree. This time it was well on it’s way at about 2 feet high and in a pot. I transferred it into another pot and waited and waited. It started to loose it’s little leafs. Then it started to turn brown. I watered, I sprayed and I prayed and it got worse. My husband kept saying to me it was dead but I thought if I just nursed it a little bit more that it would get better. I thought if maybe a season would pass that it would perk back up again but it never happened.

Today was the day that I had to accept that the little tree was dead. It easily snapped off and went into the Green Recycle Bin.

You gardeners out there will understand better than anyone that your backyard is your pallet. Always changing. New colors and looks and not to mention fighting against nature, like weeds, you always have a job to do.

Gardens can also become a cluttered mess. I’ve posted before about organizing gardens but getting rid of the dead oak tree was an important event in my decluttering process. The pain leading up to it was worse that actually doing it. In fact I actually realize that seeing it everyday was a downer.

So this is a good reminder to me that decluttering is freeing!

My garden is looking good but I have big plans to clear out more to make room for CHICKENS!