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Do You Need More Money?

moneyCould you use a pay raise? Would it make you feel better and less anxious to have more money in the bank?

Tip of the day

The more you get rid of the less you will buy. The new thing you buy today is old tomorrow and eventually, will be the thing you are giving away. If your goal is simplifying you might think twice before spending.

It has been said that your financial situation has more to do with how you spend and less to do with what you make. Hard to believe? I know. The internet is flooded with HOW TO SAVE tips, but…..

Benjamin Franklin said it best….”A penny saved is a penny earned.”


What To Do With Leftover Dye

Blue Rit DyeWho likes waste? No one I know. There are ways to use some of these products that we buy only to use a little. Even if you have used 3/4 of the bottle, there is enough in the bottle that you don’t want to throw away, but how long is too long to keep?

The brand that I had in the cabinets up above the washing machine was RIT DYE. I bought a long time ago to use in the wash with Jeans to get some color back into the material. It never worked the way I wanted it to, so up in the cupboard it went and that is where it stayed, until now.

Looking for creative things to do in the garden is my thing. I started to look for colored sand and was not able to find in my area. That is when I thought about using this old leftover dye.

Others had tried and retried so there was good direction on the internet. It did work. White Play Sand with water and dye. It was that simple. In fact it was so much fun to make I looked up in the other cabinets to see if there was food coloring. Sure enough, I had that too and it has been awhile since I made anything needing food coloring. This comes with a word of warning. Let the sand dry and don’t use too much coloring or you may have stained hands or feet in my case because I often walk around the garden with out shoes.

 The short answer to many of these questions of WHAT TO DO WITH….is always to throw out, give away or sell if you haven’t used in a year but I do understand the need to get the most out of things you have bought.

 Be Creative!

What To Do With Bath Mats And Rugs

blue bath matThe simple answer would be to get rid of them. For the minimalist, they are not needed. At the same time we need to be practical. In my effort to vigorously declutter one day, the bathroom rug caught my eye. At the time I bought it, I am sure I thought it looked good, but the wear and tear and the washings finally took it’s toll.

I was OK with no mat or rug in the bathroom but not everyone in the house felt the same. Every other morning I would notice that someone had put down a towel to soak up that extra water. How in the world there was that much water to shake off ones body, was a mystery. Maybe the shower accidentally sprayed the whole bathroom. Either way it was becoming clear to me that I had to do something.

During my lunch hour I thought I could do a quick errand (buy my favorite lipstick from the beauty supply) and right next store was a “Big Lots”. I’ve been in there only a few times but when I entered the store I knew this would take awhile.

You would think I would know better but I started to go up and down every isle. The best buys ever! Colors were bright! Price was right! This was turning into a fun day! It didn’t take long and my basket was full. In it… a new bathroom rug, with matching towels and bingo, a matching shower curtain. I couldn’t resist a few little things for my grandson and of course the shampoo and soap isle had all sorts of great buys.

The good news is in replacing some of these household items, I quickly got rid of the old stuff. Either the trash or recycling or the goodwill.


This is another good rule of thumb. If you want to update or need a new rug then you are simply replacing. Remember to get rid of the old.




What To Do With Candle Holders

candle holdersThere are now over 7 billion people in the world and climbing.  I figure when I sneeze, at that very moment someone else in the world is also sneezing. Or if I throw up then someone else in the world is also throwing up (misery loves company) so when I was trying to decide what to do with brand new candle holders that have been in the closet for about 10 years then I figure someone else out there was trying to decide the same thing.

I bought these because they were on sale, in a fancy store, for a just in case I needed a wedding gift moment. What was I thinking? For starters, when someone gets married they usually have a “wedding wish list” at their favorite store. It makes it so much easier to buy a gift and this way they get what they want instead of 10 toasters.

It’s painful to get rid of something you paid good money for. I say good money but it was on sale and I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay all that much. This is when I decided to look on ebay. More and more I do that, so I can assure myself I’m not sitting on some unknown fortune.

There were some for sale, very similar for $15.00 (0 Bids), another for $19.00 or best offer and then I found the exact pair for, again $15.00 with 0 bids.

All these years taking up space. It never added any value to my life. They were moved around several times because I didn’t quite know where to store them and the time has come.

It’s strange to think that I would have to emotionally detach from these. It’s clear to me that I won’t be gifting these anytime soon so decision is made.


Give yourself permission to emotionally detach.




What To Do With Handmade And Homemade Gifts

Who out there received gifts this year that were handmade by a family member? I did and I love it! Those gifts will be kept for a long time. Passion, thought and time was spent making it, just for you.

Seems almost cruel to get rid of them. Does this mean you have to keep forever?


Think about all of drawings, hand molds, ash trays (even though many of us don’t smoke), popsicle stick masterpieces and more, that you have received over the years. You would need an entire room or more just to display.

It’s not practical to keep forever. Here are some ideas;

1. Consider re-gifting your child’s gift back to them or even to their children.

2. Memorialize it in a photograph.

3. Let family members know that you want to declutter and organize and give them the opportunity to take back some of those gifts they made at camp.

4. If these homemade gifts are stored under beds or in garages this is the time to take out and display. Turn them into conversation pieces.

5. Frame those works of art and put up on the wall.

6. If it is something someone else could use then give away.

7. Offer it back to the person that gave it. If it is something from their youth, they may want to keep it.

If getting rid of it would cause a family uproar then keep it.

If keeping it means more to one of your grandkids then maybe just for now, keep it. 

One in one out theory

Try this…for every gift you received, you get rid of something.









Declutter Like You Exercise – Happy New Year!

What works for someone else, may or may not work for you. This is why it can be helpful to hear lots of stories and ideas.


How many of us have bought the treadmill or an elliptical with the best of intentions? Decluttering like you exercise might work for you. It happens when the mood is right. It happens when we feel up and energetic.

Your goal might be consistency but that doesn’t always work. One thing we know about exercise is, others inspire us. This is why joining the gym works for many of you and for others it might be walking or jogging with a friend or a group.

The most common of the New Years Resolutions is lose weight and exercise.

Why not add GET ORGANIZED to the list? Find a friend or a group, even a class on organizing or time management.

Life can be complicated so why not simplify what you can?