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What To Do With Old Roller Skates

RollerskatesGoing to the roller-rink in Junior High School was the highlight of the week. All the cute boys plus a chance to show off how great I was at the sport was a thrill.

Twirling and smiling at the same time was sure to put me into the Roller Skating Olympics. Well, it never happened and my days of being a roller-rink champ are definitely over.

I don’t see many kids these days roller skating at all. At least not in the street and the old roller-rink shut down years ago. Yes, many of us have these old skates in the closet or high up in the garage somewhere.

Unless you plan to make some kind of statue or art display then maybe it’s time to give away to charity. Someone out there may enjoy them for awhile.

There are many memories I have of spending time with my great grandma. We had 2 favorite programs we watched. Soul Train and Roller Derby.

WOW! Those girls were good!

Do you use your roller skates?

Do you enjoy them?

Do you need them?

Charity is a good thing!


What To Do With Kids Sleeping Bags

kids sleeping bagsThe average family with kids at one point will need a sleeping bag. Church, school or family camping is when they are used the most.

These things can last a long time. They are washable and roll up neatly, where they stay on top of the closet year after year.

When was the last time you used a sleeping bag?

I didn’t have that many but there was this one that I had kept, because it was kind of fun.

It was never used on any camping trip but was used occasionally in the living room when making forts on Saturday mornings.

In an effort to simplify things around the house I am now looking at things like this sleeping bag and asking if this adds enough value to our lives to keep.

It’s clean, cute and does serve a purpose but truth be told it wasn’t worth keeping. Why? It was only used a couple times a year and that was because I felt obligated to use it.

Someone out there could make better use of it. What I learn from things like this is just because it’s a good deal in the store doesn’t mean it will make my life better or more meaningful.

Think of all of things in your house that you have purchased over the years that had a purpose. From kitchen gadgets that chopped things in record time to cute little sleeping bags. How often did you really use them?

Think twice before buying these things. Marketing people know how to make you think you can’t live without it.

Trust me. You can live without it!




Do You Believe In Miracles? Dejunking Rubberbands

rubber bandsOne reason my mom believes in miracles is because of a simple rubber band. There was a time when she was working in an office. The post office was very strict and had a firm rule that if you mailed several envelopes they had to be neatly clumped together by a rubber band. She was a rule follower and diligent at that. The company sent mail all during the week and she was the one to take that mail to the Post Office. During her time as a secretary she had seen many people yelled at by postal workers and she did not want that to happen to her.

On one of those trips to the post office, while getting out of her car, she realized with horror that she didn’t have a rubber band. This is when she started praying… Ohhh Lord, I really really really need a rubber band. Her palms began to sweat, her heart beating fast and there was that icky feeling of despair. Just as she stepped out of the car there was a BIG SHINY NEW PERFECT SIZE RUBBER BAND, right at her feet.

THANK YOU LORD!!!                                                                                            perfect rubber band

She sweetly told that story over the years to convince people that the small miracles matter.

So lets talk about rubber bands. We use them for all sorts of things. My husband used to take rubber bands and put them around his pants at the ankles while riding a bike. Kids use them as slingshots and I use them for.. yes, taking lots of mail to the post office.

Like mother, like daughter.

Rubber bands come and go. They are often in our mailbox and for sure in every junk drawer in every house around the world. When I feel like rubber bands are oozing out of every drawer I will often grab them and take them to work.

My husband bought a package of rubber bands years ago. That little plastic bag still ebb and flows with rubber bands. It’s kind of a mystery.

One thing about old rubber bands is they lose their elasticity. Then it’s easy to throw away.

Dejunk those extra rubber bands today!

Insomnia And Decluttering

No matter what the subject or topic being discussed, I can literally take everyone one of them and some how spin it into the problem of disorganization and clutter.


Take insomnia for example. If I had a nickel every time my grandmother told me she didn’t sleep all night, I would be a millionaire. Her medicine cabinet was a mess with pills prescribed by well meaning doctors. Too many pointless problems would often clutter her brain and I hope to God that I don’t inherit her WORRY gene.

All of that being said she was a fun grandmother, who always had gum in her purse. I miss her and only wish I could have an extra day with her to ask those questions about her life that I never asked when she was alive.

Organizing is what you do everyday, even if you don’t recognize it as organizing. If you want to be successful at organizing, get rid of what you don’t use.

Simplifying your life will give you less anxiety not more.

Having less to worry about will produce a sweet calmness.

Insomnia can be a serious medical problem. Seek out help from a professional and don’t forget to declutter your medicine cabinet.