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What To Do With Vacuums and Moppers

moppersOnce again, it was the infomercial that won. If you have carpet you probably have a vacuum. For tile and wood you have brooms and mops. Sounds somewhat simple for keeping the floors clean. Doesn’t it?

But then they come out with something that does more. In fact you need to do very little. Just plug it in and magic happens! Or not.

These kinds of fancy moppers end up taking up valuable space for many of us. If you use the new and improved vacuums and moppers then keep them.

If they are taking up space and you don’t use them then now is the time to take them out of the closets and make a decision.

Are they broken? If they are, you have 2 options. Take them to get fixed or get rid of them.

Taking a vacuum to get fixed is like taking a car to get fixed. Most of us just have no idea how these things work. If the guy says, it can’t be fixed or the price to fix is crazy high then we don’t question it.

My sister recently took her very expensive hardy vacuum to get fixed. They guy said it couldn’t be fixed and talked her into buying a new one. She was bummed because she liked that old sturdy vacuum.

Two weeks later she walked by the store and saw her old vacuum in the window for sale. She went into the store to make sure it was her old vacuum and sure enough, it was. After weeks of fighting with the dishonest sales guys she decided to let it go.

Here is the bottom line with a vacuum. Most of us only need ONE. That’s it. Only one.

My sister’s advice to you….donate your extra vacuums! Just don’t donate to dishonest sales people who lie to you. You will feel better if they end up in a non profit 2nd hand store.



Organizing Gadgets That Didn’t Work

Trying new things can be fun. When it comes to organizing, we know there are organizing gadget traps but then one hits the market that you think might be worth a try.

shower organizerHaving less in a shower makes it easier when deciding which shampoo or soap to use. So when I saw this little shower organizer, I knew this could possibly work. There was room for a soap bar and a couple shampoo products. Along with a 2 hooks to hang that squishy sponge and wash cloth.


Maybe it was me. I tried sticking on every which way with the exception of super glue. It was tempting but I didn’t think the glue and humidity would hold and I would run the risk of messing up the tile.

This thing hung around the house in several places. Usually holding things that belonged in the trash. I just hit me one day when opening up the back utility closet. It was time to stick in the goodwill bag.

Organizing and trying new ideas is fun. Being perfectly organized is a process. Will we ever get there?

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” Andy Rooney

garden happiness


What To Do With Fake Plastic Flowers

white plastic flowersPut them in garage sale. Yeah, that will work. Then what do you do if no one wants to buy them? Even worse, what if no one will even take them for free?

Yes, this is exactly what happened.  The neighbor had a garage sale. They made a little bit of money. Hardly worth the trouble but it does make us feel better to sell and get back a little bit of the money that we foolishly spent.

Things were free at the end of the day and even then they were still left on the driveway.

They were pretty but fake flowers aren’t as popular as they once were in decorating our houses. One alternative is to pull out the individual flowers and carefully place in your garden.

I once had a Gardner compliment my flowers and I didn’t have to heart to tell him they were all fake. It would have been a little embarrassing but worse for him, who was an expert in flowers.

If you are not enjoying your fake flowers as you once did, then maybe it is time to get rid of them. After all, they do seem to attract the dust. Who out there wants to spend time dusting these?

It’s your decisions. Full disclosure….. I still have a few, that includes a few in the garden. They don’t last long out there and soon a few of those will end up in the trash. red fake flowers



What To Do With Bird Feeders And Bird Houses

bird house bird feederYou know I love the outdoors. To be outside and hear the sounds of birds chirping is relaxing. But what do you do when you have too many bird houses and bird feeders?

The short answer is get rid of the ones that are broken or simply ugly. Although some of those homemade ones can be sentimental.

Several were in my backyard. Most of them were gifts except for the hummingbird feeder. As you can see that feeder was missing a few of the little yellow things.

Although it looked pretty when it was full of the bright red sugary stuff, it was still broken.

Here are the 3 big questions.

Were they being used?

Were they being enjoyed? 

Were they needed?

No, no and no.

In fact, my beautiful garden was looking somewhat cluttered. So here we go again. Just when I think there is no more to get rid of.

Another question when it comes to birds is what to do when they make nests around your house. I grew up hearing a story about a bird that picked up a cigarette, brought it back to it’s nest against the house. Then the house catches fire and is completely destroyed. Is that an urban myth story? Don’t know. But they say that birds carry up to 60 diseases. Who wants that around their house?

Bird houses, sentimental or not, all but 2 are in the trash.

Declutter those bird houses!


What To Do With Books

BooksReading is a big hobby! Not of mine, but for many, it’s your number one thing. You read non stop and you collect as well. Having the library room, full of books, with the dark green walls, the mahogany wood and the duck statue is your dream.

Your not collecting children books as pictured here but real classics. The ones that smart people read and quote. The books that got you through medical school and law school. Ya, those books.

Books are the worst if you have to move them. They are heavy as can be and as you move them you realize you probably will never read them again. So why keep?

There are many in my family that just can’t part with their books. I even went to the trouble to see if they were worth anything on the internet. Answer. Not really.

Let’s talk about your local library!

Libraries have kept up with technology and yet they still have old fashioned books. You can donate to the library and get a tax write off. They are quiet and peaceful places. They have programs for all ages and organize groups to meet and talk about books.

If you need a particular book, they can get from other libraries. Plus they have fish tanks full of pretty fish.

Is it time to declutter your book shelf?  The good thing about decluttering is you get to make that decision.

Simplify your life.

Give your books as a donation to your local library. Let them store the books for awhile.