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Downsizing And What To Do With Figurines

lladrosDusting these things are a pain! From the cheapest price of 99 cents to the most expensive into the thousands, we buy and gift them with pleasure.

If you have a Lladro collection then you may be sitting on a small fortune. So before you (mom) give to the goodwill you may want to do some homework and research on selling second hand.

I don’t think I have ever been in a home that hasn’t had some type of figure or statue and I’ve been in LOTS of homes. The ones that were handed down are the most difficult to part with.

Don’t panic just yet. You don’t need and you don’t use but if you enjoy them, then keep them. However, if you are downsizing then now is perfect time to make some decisions.



Start with a few internet searches to see which ones are worth some $$ and which ones were bought at the dollar store.

Let family know you are organizing and the key to organizing is getting rid of stuff. Gift some of these figurines to kids and grand kids.

Sell online. Using a dealer is an option, but remember they will take a portion of the profits.

Use them for a fund raiser for your favorite charity or simply donate.

It is hard to part with things that have strong memories attached. Keep in mind, these are just porcelain, glass, clay or plastic.

Memorialize by taking a photograph.

Remember, it’s just stuff and you can’t take it with you into the next world.




What To Do With Gloves

GlovesMy gardening gloves are a necessity! From the cheap to the very expensive, they can save me from the pain of cuts and thorns.

Gloves can also protect our hands from weather, chemicals, paint and germs. They are used in a variety of jobs from medical to construction, sports and more.

But what do you do when your missing half the pair or when they have massive holes on the fingers?

You probably know the answer by now. Yes, get rid of them.

Taking care of gloves is the smart thing to do. Leaving them outside for days at a time only benefits the little spider trying to find a nice warm home… OUCH!

For the clever and crafty – create stuffed animals, puppets, dolls, bookmarks, ornaments, stuffed jewelry holder and more.

For the not so clever nor crafty then get rid of what you haven’t used in a year.

Simplify, then organize your glove collection today!






The Monster Under The Bed

Looking for SocksWhat is under your bed?

In most houses there are indeed little monsters that love being in your bedroom.

Dust Mites and lots of them!

If you have ever seen one of the dust mites magnified they do look like horrible monsters. The kind in your nightmares.

By the way, those little monsters love it when there is clutter under there.

If you have carpet it is a pain to move the bed and vacuum but it should be done. We know the reality of doing that once a week is slim to none but if you don’t have anything under the bed it sure would make it easier.

Doing what you can to control dust is a must if you or anyone in your house suffers from allergies.

Think about it. Dust likes stuff. The more stuff you have the more dust you have. Most of us don’t dust everyday.  By clearing out old stuff and decluttering you will make dusting more efficient.

Declutter and sneeze less!




What To Do With Old Flags

American flagGetting rid of an American flag almost feels illegal. They represent freedom and also a severe reminder of the price paid by so many families who had loved ones that were killed in action like my mom’s uncle.

The sight of a flag at the right moment can tug at our heart, especially if you hear music in the background.

Flags are not unique just to those of us living in North America but all over the world. Flags are symbols of patriotism and give a sense of belonging to a group.

But what do you do when you have old flags that are not being used?

An internet search will bring up several articles on Flag Etiquette.

Below are 2 recommendations for disposal;

When the flag is in bad condition it needs replacing. Buy at a flag store and they will take your old flag.

Destroying a flag by burning in a dignified way is recommended. Warning! We don’t want to start fires! Check with local organizations that have burning ceremonies.

When it comes to the smaller ones, like you see above, most of us throw out or recycle. When in doubt, recycle.

Happy Forth of July!