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What To Do With Socks

red socks

These things typically take up an entire drawer. From the solid colors to patterned to bright holiday themed socks, we can’t possibly wear all of the ones we own.

The minimalism journey is fun!

Little by little you can get organized by decluttering things you no longer wear. That includes socks with missing mates and holes.

Gather your socks from drawers, closets and don’t forget to check inside shoes. Lay them out on a bed and pull out the ones that you have worn during the year.

The rest can go. Recycling as a dust rag works or simply put in your ongoing donate bag.


What To Do With Pet Stuff

pet iglooWe love our pets. My friend Betsy, loves loves looooooves hers. This is why she has spend over a kabillion dollars buying everything possible to make life good for her animals. She isn’t the only one spending that kind of money on pets.

The financial reporting of what we really spend is a little shocking. Vet visits, grooming, treats, and all of the leashes one has to buy to eventually find the perfect leash, adds up.

But what do you do when you have pet stuff that you don’t use anymore?

So here we go again. Simplify your pet stuff.

Do they use it?

Do they need it?

Do they enjoy it?

If you bought pet shampoo 5 years ago that you are not using anymore; then get rid of it.

Broken leashes can be thrown away.

Fancy nail clippers that cut your pet the first time you used; get rid of them.

Pet clothes, costumes, diapers, wigs and hats that are not being used; get rid of them.

Pet blankets and beds that are soiled, being used by ticks and in the backyard; get rid of them.

Our pets don’t need, want or even enjoy many of the things we buy. They want our attention and in return they make life good. For some, they are life savers.

Be good to your animals and they will be good to you.


Dejunking VS Decluttering

happy faceI never meant to make her cry but that is what happened when I suggested to Amy that it was time to dejunk. She was ready to make some changes  but dejunking implied that she owned junk and she took offense to that term.

Instead, I should have used the word declutter. It’s less harsh. Lesson learned.

Owning junk can be a painful reminder of how we poorly spent our hard earned money. Owning perfectly good stuff often can show us the same thing.  Why did we buy it? If we could only go back in time and redo. Oh well,  the money is spent and now we go from here.

If calling it clutter makes you feel better then call it clutter.

Regardless of what you call it, you have it. In fact, you have lots of it. Now comes the realization that you don’t need, use or want.beautiful bags

These suitcase bags are the prettiest bags I’ve ever owned.

My problem;

I have never used these bags. For years I haven’t wanted to get rid of them because they are so pretty. It’s not like I haven’t traveled  but I never would chose these bags for trips.  At one point I thought I would try hard and use as a beach bag. After many trips to the beach and…….no. Didn’t happen.

The moment has come. My goodwill bag only needs a few more things to be full and this would do it.

So down they come from the closet and into the bag. Someone out there will enjoy these nice bags.

Moving closer towards minimalism is something I’m liking!


What To Do With Fake Fruit

2013-11-04 10.03.11There was a time in my life when I needed fake fruit and I knew just the person to call.

Thank God for moms.

Using props when teaching Spanish is a good technique. Back in the day, walking into the preschool rooms with a basket of fruit on my head was a sure way to get attention and made my teaching more successful.

My mom always had fake fruit around the house. It wasn’t uncommon for kids to bite into what they thought was a real apple. We often had to ask because she would occasionally mix real and fake. It was hard to tell the difference.

If you are ready to declutter your fruit or simply need a change then consider getting rid of them.  I mean no disrespect for those that want to decorate with glass grapes or plastic fruit. They do add a nice touch and can make any kitchen come alive but maybe it’s time.

If you need them, like for teaching Spanish, then keep but if you don’t use, or need or enjoy then put them in the goodwill bag.

It’s just plastic fruit after all. If you find that you suddenly need some, make a trip to the dollar store.



What To Do With Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dressesHere are just a few of the bridesmaid dresses that were in my closet. What a shame to only wear once but that is usually the way it goes.

The few blogs out there that addressed this issue basically came up with the same conclusions that I did.


1. Alter them. If it is long, make it short. If it has sleeves, make it sleeveless. This changes the look enough that maybe no one will notice it is the same dress. Even if they did, they should be impressed at your resourcefulness.

2. Take to a consignment shop. These dresses can be expensive and they are mostly formal. If someone out there is shopping for a dress that they too will wear only once, a consignment shop is a good place to start. Make sure before you take to the shop that it is clean and doesn’t have smeared cake on the back side.

3. It is material. If you are a creative craft person and can sew, cut up into pieces and make a quilt.

4. If it is from another decade, wear on Halloween as a costume.

5. Sell at a yard or garage sale.

6. Ask the bride if she wants to keep one of the dresses and give it to her.

7. Donate to local thrift shop.

These dresses are no different than other things in your closet that you are not wearing. That is to say, they are not being used and taking up valuable space. I finally put in the goodwill bag and they are now out of my closet. Why didn’t I do this years ago? I guess because they were expensive and associated with a good memory I thought I was somehow obligated to hold on to them.

Today is a good day to take all of the bridesmaid dresses out of your closet. If they have been in there for decades then consider your options.

It’s time to declutter those dresses.