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Who Says Bigger Is Better?

How did this happen? Being tricked into thinking that bigger homes were better and somehow believing it would make us happy, simply wasn’t true.

The last time I walked through a big model home I started to think… WOW, I could be happy living here. Why? Because it wasn’t cluttered, everything was new and the “fake family” that lived there was sooooo HAPPY.  You could see it in their faces from the photos strategically placed around the house.

In no way am I saying, sell everything, give to the poor and live like you are homeless. I’m way more practical than that.


Could living with less make your life less stressful?

Is clutter weighing you down?

Be generous today and donate something not being used.

Bigger is not necessarily better.




What Will I Do Without……Living With Less

Potty Chair





Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest





Getting rid of things not being used, would take care of four items above. Getting rid of things you no longer enjoy, would take care of the other two .The more you declutter, the easier it gets!

Living With Less!

It’s not so bad!

Organizing An Office And My Cleaning Mishap

Whether your office is in your home or in an office building you need to be organized to run that business efficiently. I know I’m not the only one that has spent countless hours trying to locate that one file or piece of paper that is critical in a lawsuit or a tax audit.

This week I was asked to help relocate an office. The business was going into a smaller offices. That not only meant getting rid of stuff but cleaning up for the next tenant.

Relocating an office is hectic. Just like when you move into a new home there are lots of things that must fall into place. Not only calls to electric, telephone, security company, vendors, customers, city, county, state, and federal agencies but you have to actually move and clean.

The move was going well. They say that many hands make light work and fortunately this company had several people helping. After two days of moving the place was almost empty. I was the last one to leave that night and the dirty floor caught my attention. I could not help myself, (obsessive compulsive) and thought I would give them a head start by cleaning that old floor.

bleachReading instructions has never been my strong suit. I grabbed the bottle of bleach and poured it in a little bucket with water and soap then poured over the floor in two areas that were heavily soiled. I got on my hands and knees and started to scrub. After a few minutes of scrubbing it was looking much better and I left it to dry.

About 30 minutes later I returned to the scene and realized something wasn’t right. The bleach was not as diluted as I thought it was.

Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic.

So in a panic, I redid the whole floor, carefully measuring with less bleach and eventually it looked just barely OK. For sure clean, but a little mismatched. The fact that it was an old floor with character, worked in my favor.

Cleaning is easier when you have less stuff. Just make sure and read instructions!

One other thing. Don’t be tricked into thinking that bleach is always the answer. We need it and use it, just but be careful.



What To Do With Umbrellas

umbrellasIn Southern California we occasionally have STORM WATCH. This typically means there are a few clouds in the distance and we  hope against all odds that it might rain. We get out the umbrellas and yet again are disappointed with a little sprinkle.

Don’t get me wrong. It does actually rain here but just not a lot. The truth is, when we don’t have sun for one day, many of us panic.

These things were an absolute necessity when I lived in England.

But what do you do with them if they are broken? It wasn’t uncommon for kids to use as swords or for a big wind to come along and turn one inside out.

Getting poked in the eye by one of the metal sticks that holds it together, is not fun. The safe thing to do – get rid of broken umbrellas.

Using for shade is another use but I rarely see that and I live where it’s sunny most of the time.

If you are creative you could pull it apart and use the metal sticks in the garden or……you could simply recycle.

Apart from shelter from rain, using to shelter you or the food on your picnic table from the sun, there isn’t much more we can do with umbrellas.

Do you use it?

TIP – Keep what you use and get rid of what you don’t use. That includes umbrellas.