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Closet Hanger Organizers

I fell for it too! Thinking I could buy these and it would automatically make me organized. It worked at first but then I realized the things I hung on the lower bars were pants I never wore. I’m not saying don’t buy but think before buying. These things are made to utilize space efficiently. If you are that short on space maybe it’s time to rethink your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn for a year then sell or donate. If that is too drastic then try 2 years or 3 years.Closet hanger organizers

Before And After Bookcase

Bookcase Before


This last weekend a friend and I were busy organizing. The catch all area for them was their bookcase. They estimated  the mess in their office has caused them to spend hours looking for the documents needed for a tax return.

Frustration and blame does not make for a happy home. The only way there would be success was for them to accept they needed to declutter.

The big problem for students and teachers is they may again use one of those books for reference. Getting rid of a book doesn’t mean it goes out of existence.

Donate to the library!

Let the library store it for you. If you can’t find that lost book then the library can check out other libraries and have it sent to yours.

We started by taking everything out and giving it a good clean. Then one by one, only putting back the books they needed and used. We also did the rest of the office. Lots of paper, junk mail, souvenirs, and everything in between.

Like items with like items. This will save you hours of searching.

Bookcase After

“The Secret Of Happiness, You See, Is Not Found In Seeking More, But In Developing The Capacity To Enjoy Less” Socrates