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What To Do With Plastic Closet Organizing Shelves?

These white plastic shelves are a good idea for some closets. Especially if you don’t have dresser drawers. It’s easy to see what your looking for and are designed to air out whatever it’s holding. All of the closet holders, hangers, shelves, hooks and anything else that helps organize a closet is a good idea.

However….they can be traps. Somehow the picture in the store never looks like what our own closets look like. That is because we have way more stuff in our closets than the advertisement does. These were used around the house in different areas but at some point I realized what they were holding wasn’t being used. The answer for me was to get rid of the contents and the white plastic shelves.

Plastic Organizers

What To Do With Placemats?

These things come in handy and do protect furniture. For years we had placemats that were maps. Kids can learn a lot while eating their cereal. They make great gifts, can decorate a table and are useful. But it’s time. I have not used many of my placemats in years. Time to donate.Placemats

What To Do With The Green Turtle Sand Box?

This green turtle full of sand gave us many hours of fun, playing in the sun. We did notice the neighborhood cat sniffing around it and sure enough that cat left little surprises behind. Green Turtle was cleaned out more than once and at some point just wasn’t being used.

Year after year I see these things for sale at local stores. If you keep this around your yard, make sure and use the cover when not using or you too may have some extra surprises the next morning from the cat. Spiders like these kinds of toys so make sure and check for spiders as well. Hopefully someone else is enjoying the Green Turtle.

It finally sold in a garage sale!
Green Turtle Sand Box

What To Do With Homemade Binaculars?

My grandson made these and we did actually play with them for a couple of days. Think of all of the homemade gifts you will receive during your lifetime from kids and grandkids. Keeping everything would be a recipe for insanity. There is no shame in using things for a season or for a couple of days and then trashing or recycling.

Homemade Binaculars