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Want To Feel Better?

Organize something! It doesn’t even matter what it is or where you start. Organizing will include getting rid of stuff you don’t use, need or enjoy. After that, go outside. Have fun!santa monica pierSan Diego Harbor

If Every Drawer In Your House Is A Junk Drawer……

Then maybe it’s time.

This morning when I got on the computer one of the headlines caught my attention. It read…


It all started with a 9 volt battery tucked away in a junk drawer.

Too much junk is not safe!

Too much clutter is not good. Motivated to do something about it? There is the challenge.

What To Do With Children’s Books

We all want our children to read and to read well. Starting with the classics and then going from there will surely make them well rounded, smart, and wise.
Childrens Classic Books

The problem is, if we keep all of these, gifted or bought, we will need an extra room in the house that resembles a library. Not a bad thing but not practical.


It’s quiet and calm and can house those books that you have donated throughout the years.

We’ve all heard the predictions that hard copies of books would disappear as they are now moving to online books but something tells me these books will always be around.

It’s been said that if you read to children that they will benefit in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of those benefits and skills that will improve.

Higher IQ’s



Language skills





So as your go through your dusty books think about donating.¬†Don’t forget to get a tax receipt from the library.

There is one other massive benefit. It will save you a bundle of money. Just ask my husband!




What To Do With Kites

This is usually not an issue because these things break all too often and usually on the first day.

I get it, you are trying to recreate that scene in a movie, running on the beach with wind in your hair and background music. It’s never worked for David and he’s tried so many times. This isn’t to say that many of us haven’t had fun¬†experiences with our kids for just making the effort. Even if there were tears.

Life is short. Fly a kite.