A Distraught Grandma

Last week a co-worker told me about a recent event that happened in his family. His wife’s sister, her husband and kids moved into grandma’s house. One day, when Grandma was gone, they thought they would do her a favor and organize the garage to make room for their stuff.   This meant taking her old stuff and getting rid of it. They were making the decision for her, without her knowing about it.  After a couple of big trips to the goodwill and even the trash dump, Grandma returned.

Grandma was not just, not happy, she was horrified.

It not only caused big resentments, just in time for the holidays but she had actually hidden some of her Christmas gifts within the piles of stuff that were discarded.

Helping someone organize against their will is a really bad idea. The ironic thing about it is, eventually they will be the ones to have to go through her stuff.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


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