About Me


My name is Kathy, and I love organizing.

Organizing has always been my thing as far back as I can remember. I could color coordinate and alphabetize better than anyone I knew. Although I thought it was fun, it was never ending and at some point I realized the true situation. Decluttering was a must if you wanted to be organized.

Going back a few years, around the age of ten I had neighbors paying me to go into their homes and help them organize. At age 12 I bought a horse with the money I had earned babysitting, cleaning and organizing houses.

In 1980 I married and two years later had my first son. Two years after that, I had my second son.  We bought a blue house with a white porch and got a dog.

In the mid 90’s we decided as a family to do something adventurous and moved to South Africa. My husband worked at Technikon Natal and I was involved with the Schools and the Education Department at the American Consulate. Every office, including the State Department needs an organizer, and that was me.

I had the most wonderful girlfriends in South Africa from all of the world. We had everything in common, including the need to organize. Four years later we moved to England where my husband worked at the University of Surrey. Again in England, got to know women from all over the world with much in common, including wanting to organize their stuff and their lives.

We moved back to the states a few years ago. Got stuff out of storage, moved back into our house and you can guess what I started to do. Yes. Organize.

I work full time, but always have time to talk about ways to organize.

I’m a wife and mom but my favorite role is being grandma.

In a couple of months our living situation is going to change, and we’ll have 3 extra people living with us.  It’s time to make space, organize and declutter.


Over a year has gone by since my  YEAR OF ORGANIZING started. Discovering that living with less is a better way to live, was really no surprise. Don’t get me wrong. We still need stuff, but we don’t really need that much stuff.  These are personal decisions. Consider a few things:

Debt – Having less means buying less. Debt free is a happy way to live.

Time spent taking care of stuff – taking care of stuff you don’t need or use wastes a lot of time.

The pressure to keep up – False appearances of looking wealthier than you are is a crummy way to live. There is freedom in financial honesty. Be confident without more stuff.

My new year has begun and I’m leaning more towards the life of minimalism.  STAY TUNED!

I am the one on the right.

This is my family.