How Strong Are You? What To Do With Big Appliances

It isn’t often any of us have to move a rock this big. But what about lifting a big old TV or a big chair that you no longer need? I have a friend that recently decided to get rid of his old TV and a big chair.

He thought calling around to some of the charities that did pick ups would gladly come get the items. However, because there is usually one driver most of our local places said they couldn’t lift things that heavy.

There are several drop off areas in our community but those places don’t take large items. Then he got lucky and found out that a recently opened  Goodwill Store in our area would accept large items in back of the store but he would be responsible to get it there. They confirmed that they won’t take mattresses, washers, dryers or refrigerators.

PROBLEM. Finding someone or a charity who will take this old heavy stuff. The TV still works and the chair is decent but he can’t lift them by himself.

SOLUTION. Call on family or friends to lift onto his pickup truck. Then take to donation center in your area that will take big stuff.

Selling second hand stuff has been around forever and is the great solution in the “circle of stuff” phenomena, for the donators and the buyers. I know I sound like Captain Obvious, but it isn’t easy and many times it isn’t obvious.

Notes on Recycling;

The world of recycling is growing. Currently the Federal Government in the USA does not have any laws mandating recycling. The legislation for recycling has been done at the City, County, and State levels.

In California, as well as many other states, there are programs that encourage businesses to start recycling programs. So before you make a trip to the trash dump with your broken up concrete patio, check out local companies that recycle concrete.  That goes for tires, mattresses, washers, dryers and refrigerators as well.

You will notice when you buy some of these items now there is a recycling fee you pay on top of the purchase price. Hopefully by the time you are ready to get rid of the item it will be easier to find local places that will take them.

The good news for now is, if you have an old TV or an old chair, call on family and friends and get it to a Habitat For Humanity Restore Location or a Goodwill Store.


Going Paperless

paperworkIs it possible?

Paper is one of the biggest challenges of all. We are told we have to keep records for 7 years, some say 3 years and my accountant says FOREVER.

The paper work generated in a single household can be staggering. If you own a business then it is down right ridiculous the amount of paper we face everyday.

Let’s start with the mail. If you want to save money and have less paper work then head right for the trash can. Those coupons and advertised great deals are a trap.

You don’t need them.

How many copies do you need of your high school transcripts? My husband makes lots of copies just in case. Drives me crazy. Easy on the copies, you really don’t need that many.

What would happen if you lost all of your files in a fire? Would it be the end of the world? Have you scanned important papers?

Like all of the other areas in our homes this is no different and will forever need attention. However there are systems out there that will help you get organized to make it easier to find the papers you need. That system is called a computer. Make sure and back it up.

So whether you need old files for a tax audit or needing info for filling out a job application or maybe you are gathering papers for a home loan, you need those files at your fingertips. It is terribly frustrating to spend hours looking for those documents.

Keeping electronically is the way to go, with paper back up just in case.


If every electronic file says “important’ and every paper folder says “for the year 2013”, then you are in trouble and will be searching into the night. Not good! Call it what it is.

This will take time but it will be worth it.




It’s A New Day Today

My year is up, now what? I took a year to really get organized. What I discovered is what I already knew. Being organized or at least feeling organized creates calmness. Makes you feel at peace. It is the opposite of chaos.

How does one get organized?

They get rid of what they don’t use, need or enjoy. For most of us, that is a lot of stuff. I’ve posted dozens of short stories on getting rid of things along with ideas that came from many of you.

Something else I discovered was I like being a minimalist. This is not to say that I don’t have stuff but less for me was best.

For now my stories will continue. There are other areas that I want to declutter. I’m always interested in your stories and any ideas you might have to help others get organized.

Get out a tissue we all have issues.

One more thing that has become clearer over this last year is that whatever your issues are, someone else has had it and worse.

It’s official. Hoarding is now a disease. You are in good company and no need to go it alone.

You need support and it’s out there.

Stay tuned for more!

Decluttering Your Email And Spam Warning

This morning, after getting my cup of coffee, I sat down at the computer to check email. It is possible that most of the world’s population with a computer does exactly the same thing. There was an email from my sister with only a link. It looked suspicious and since I knew I would talk to her later in the day I decided to delete her email.

It’s happened to many friends and family. Since I get up early (really early),  I see it first and can email at least the family to alert them and suggest they delete as well.

Decluttering our homes and our lives includes our emails.  Most of us have more than one email and they are all full of junk and jokes that could easily be deleted.

Checking your email for RECENT SIGN IN ACTIVITY can be done in most email systems.

1. Login

2. Account info

3. Retype in password

4. Go to security

5 View your recent sign in activity

6. Look at the location and IP address

7 Go to

8 Go to IP lookup

9. Type in the IP addresses and see who is accessing your email.

10. Please change your password

This subject will be covered at length when we do our Year Of The Office starting later in the year.

What To Do With Old Videos

The electronic industry is a hard one to keep up with. I can remember the 8 track tapes back in the day not ever thinking there would be anything more after that. Then we all got cassette players followed by the big videos then the CD’s and DVD’s. That is as far as I have come, although I know my kids have something new that they plug in the car radio system that plays everything including movies.

Wow, if our grandparents could see us now and how much we’ve progressed!

In my year of getting organized it was time to go through all of the old videos. It was easier getting rid of the videos bought in the store because most, if not all, were now on DVD. The more difficult decisions were what to do with videos of the family. I have kept a little TV with a built in video player plus a separate unit that plays DVD’s and videos. So technically we could still watch them.

The problem was many of the old videos were dirty and not showing a clear picture. The answer was to take those and have them transferred onto a DVD. That is the plan but even after doing that I think I will keep the old videos, just in case.

I could not allow myself to actually throw dozens of old videos in the trash so I took them to the goodwill. You never know when someone might be looking for the old Flash Gordon video.

Why Did The Shoemakers Kids Never Have Shoes?

What is the origin of the phrase, the cobbler’s children have no shoes?


Origin unknown; however the essence of this phrase is used to describe the phenomenon where certain ‘professionals’ in any given area are so busy with work for their clients and their teams that they neglect using their professional skills to help themselves or those closest to them. For example – the painter & decorator who never decorates his own house, the web designer that hasn’t finished their website, or the accountant who is late in submitting his own tax return!

The reason I took this year to get organized is because I’ve been very busy over the years organizing other homes and businesses. If you were to drive by my house and the garage door was open, you would assume a hoarder lived there.

It reminded me of that saying that the shoemakers kids never had shoes…..

This is why I am taking a year to get organized. Before I even start I know the answer.


So here we go……..