What To Do With Clocks

clocksClocks and watches have a way of hanging around the house, even if they are broken. broken watchMaybe it’s a simple dead battery or you have put in the garage to make room for an up to date prettier clock. Bottom line is that you have lots and lots of clocks and watches not being used.

If you have read other articles on this site then you know the recommended routine.

Organizing is code for decluttering.

A trip to the goodwill, or anywhere that will take second hand items, is in order.

There is always the option of selling or giving away to a friend or family member.

My family had our famous cuckoo clock that ended up with my sister. A couple of decades ago my 4 year old pulled on the chain and it broke leaving little medal pieces all over the floor. He gathered and hid them and then let us know that a monster broke the clock.

The forgiveness process:

He lied and denied and then blamed it on the monster. The guilt got to him so he then confessed and with some encouragement, asked my sister to forgive him and she did.

Are clocks cluttering your walls?

How many broken watches are in your jewelry box and drawers?

Experience living with less! Get rid of broken clocks and watches!






Discovering Minimalism

Living with less.

This may or may not be for you. I’m not here to twist your arm but to propose an alternative to living with lots of stuff.

Alternative – Live with less

Charity – Giving is good

Benefits – Peace of mind and freedom








What To Do With Gloves

GlovesMy gardening gloves are a necessity! From the cheap to the very expensive, they can save me from the pain of cuts and thorns.

Gloves can also protect our hands from weather, chemicals, paint and germs. They are used in a variety of jobs from medical to construction, sports and more.

But what do you do when your missing half the pair or when they have massive holes on the fingers?

You probably know the answer by now. Yes, get rid of them.

Taking care of gloves is the smart thing to do. Leaving them outside for days at a time only benefits the little spider trying to find a nice warm home… OUCH!

For the clever and crafty – create stuffed animals, puppets, dolls, bookmarks, ornaments, stuffed jewelry holder and more.

For the not so clever nor crafty then get rid of what you haven’t used in a year.

Simplify, then organize your glove collection today!






What To Do With Old Roller Skates

RollerskatesGoing to the roller-rink in Junior High School was the highlight of the week. All the cute boys plus a chance to show off how great I was at the sport was a thrill.

Twirling and smiling at the same time was sure to put me into the Roller Skating Olympics. Well, it never happened and my days of being a roller-rink champ are definitely over.

I don’t see many kids these days roller skating at all. At least not in the street and the old roller-rink shut down years ago. Yes, many of us have these old skates in the closet or high up in the garage somewhere.

Unless you plan to make some kind of statue or art display then maybe it’s time to give away to charity. Someone out there may enjoy them for awhile.

There are many memories I have of spending time with my great grandma. We had 2 favorite programs we watched. Soul Train and Roller Derby.

WOW! Those girls were good!

Do you use your roller skates?

Do you enjoy them?

Do you need them?

Charity is a good thing!


Perfectionism Is The Enemy Of Progress

TulipsI heard this phrase on the radio today.

From Wikipedia;

The perfect is the enemy of good is an aphorism or proverb meaning that insisting on perfection  often results in no improvement at all. The phrase is commonly attributed to Voltaire…..

The first story that came to mind was a family I knew that lived out of boxes for years and could never make a decision. When asked why they had not hung pictures or put things away they said it was because they wanted things to look just right and therefore could not bring themselves to make the final decision.

Sometimes you just have to plow ahead and accept that you might make a decision that you regret. This is when we ask ourselves…what’s the worst that could happen? If you are stressing over hanging the picture on the wall then the worse that could happen is you would have a little nail hole eventually above the picture. So what! Fill it with fill or toothpaste, take a q-tip and dab some paint on there. So what!

The same goes with organizing which can’t happen unless you declutter.


It’s not alive! It doesn’t require a funeral or a memorial service. It’s not going to Heaven or Hell, it’s just going to someone else that could use it. That’s all.

It’s simple.

Stop stressing and relax, it’s just stuff.

What To Do With Suitcases

suitcasesSeveral small events, all combined, have pushed me into working towards the life of a minimalist. For me personally, it is a clutter free life that offers freedom from stuff or sometimes even junk that consumed time and energy, and not in a good way. I was never a serious hoarder but I can completely understand the tendency.

On a repeat episode of Hoarders there was a man that collected lots of stuff but it was the first time they spent time on collecting suitcases. It reminded me of a time in my life during the 70’s, when I had lots of suitcases. After spending the year abroad at a University it was time to come home. My suitcases, (plural) were full and HEAVY. Really heavy. Those were the days before all of the fancy rollers and lighter suitcases came out. Back in those days the suitcase itself was heavy.  suitcase problems

When I returned I thought I never wanted to see another airplane, subway, or train ever again. It wasn’t because I didn’t like to travel but it was because lugging those suitcases everywhere got old and made the traveling experience such an effort, not to mention the sore arms and back from all the lifting.

The public in general are smarter about traveling with too much luggage. One reason might be because many of the airlines now charge for luggage. The other reason is, if you go stand-by, you can’t check in luggage.

That old luggage with many other bags and suitcases usually end up in top of a closet or in the garage. Some use for storing things. In that case, you need to ask yourself what you’re storing and will you use or need in the next year.

Old suitcases can end up with a not so pleasant odor. Just open your old stored suitcase and take a whiff.

The question. What to do with suitcases and travel bags that you no longer use.

The answer. Get rid of them.

Sell at a garage or yard sale.

Take to the goodwill.

Find a charity that can pick up from your house.

Ask if anyone in the family wants them.

If it is in bad shape, toss it.

For the crafty person out there…..

Put legs on them and make a table and sell as creative art.



Pretty Flowers, Be Patient

blooming sunflowerOrganizing your stuff is a process and if you want to be successful you will have to get rid of what you don’t wear or use or even need (which for most of us, is a lot of stuff)

Parting with expensive stuff is painfully hard. A harsh reminder of money not well spent. Ouch. Maybe the one good thing to come from parting with something expensive is next time around you won’t be lured into buying it in the first place.

Parting with sentimental stuff can be just as hard. There are ways to safely let go and at the same time keep the memory.

No matter what method you use you need to remember to be patient with yourself.

If you follow through and begin to declutter you will eventually see something pretty in the simplicity of life.

Be patient.





What Will You Leave Behind

The WakeWill you leave memories of doing fun things with grand-kids or will you leave things like this?pig with lipstick

The broken garden pig with lipstick. I finally threw it away!

Yes, one day someone will be going through your stuff. Please do them a favor by going through it first.

Keeping that in mind might prompt you to get rid of things you would have normally kept.

If you are not using it and you don’t need it and in fact you don’t even enjoy it, then what are you waiting for?

Organize by decluttering today!



Hoarding Awareness Week

WOW!   composting food

I just found out that this is Hoarding Awareness Week. This is now getting lots of attention. More and more studies along with more publicity not to mention the TV shows. Over the years I have met a few serious hoarders but most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

In fact most people would simply say… “I would like to be more organized”

Organization means being productive and happy. If you are finding it hard to get organized you might want to consider the possibility that you have too much stuff.

If the key to happiness is being organized then what is the key to being organized?

Get rid of things that you don’t use!

That includes;

Clothes you don’t wear.

Broken things in the garage.

Gadgets in the kitchen that you have never used.

Towels and sheets that haven’t been used in 5 years, 1 year for the brave.

It’s a start.sunflower

Give yourself permission to NOT be a hoarder.





What To Do With Old Towels

old towelKeeping old towels in the garage or in a closet is something most of us do. You never know when the toilet will overflow and you need to have something around to soak up all that water. (Well, hopefully it’s water)

Other uses for old towels could be for cleaning the house, drying off pets, washing the car, drying the car, or wiping feet before entering the house. Whatever the reason…we have lots. Some of my towels were 25 years old. I remember because I bought inexpensive towels one Christmas and sewed on lace to give as gifts. They were pretty, but after 25 years of keeping, for the just in case, was over. old towel with lace

Using old towels for cleaning didn’t always work out for me. They were often the wrong type of material for cleaning and left little fur balls. Even though they were handy I always seem to grab the paper towels. Having a few around for the dogs worked but I didn’t need as many as I had in the garage.

The reason these old towels caught my attention was because in my recent trip to a big discount store, I bought some bright inexpensive new towels. This added some extra color to the bathroom and also meant I had more old towels to store.

Most were put in the trash and some of the better ones ended up in the goodwill bag. No need to freak out over getting rid of towels. Towels can be inexpensive. In fact, some of the more expensive towels are too cushy and don’t soak up the water. Not to mention the fuzz they leave behind.

Declutter your towels today!

 You just don’t really need that many!