How To Declutter Food And Composting…. UPDATE….2nd Update…Worst Idea Ever!


composting foodHow to declutter food, PROPERLY.

Farming. It’s in my DNA. The problem is, I don’t live on a farm so I pretend and that is what started the problem.

Who out there doesn’t hate throwing out food? Such a shame and what a waste is what comes to mind when I have to toss food that is no longer edible. If I keep it and it decomposes then it becomes good fertilizer for my garden.

With that in mind I started to throw food down the little hill in my backyard. Choosing an area away from the house was the smart thing to do because I knew it would attract lots of flies. I started to notice more and more squirrels around the back along with more flies and a strong smell of rot and ferment.

Then one night the dogs started to go wild. Barking was sure to wake up the neighbors so we quickly ran out there to grab them. They had cornered a “pig possum”. That is the only way to describe this creature. It wasn’t a normal possum but something out of a horror movie. We had never seen anything like it before. That thing, was after all that rotting food in my compost pile.

Clearly the way I was composting for my area was incorrect. That is when I purchased a composter. The picture on back of the instructions showed nice dark dirt coming out the bottom. So far that hasn’t happened. composting box

It has a long way to go before the thing is full but for now it does feel nice to be able to through out old food with the exceptions of meat, fat, and dairy. I’ll do an update in a few months and let you know how it worked out.


The whole family got involved but we never had that rich brown dirt as a result of our effort.


We had more squirrels and raccoons and finally the decision was made to end our composting. Some was buried into ground and some went into the trash.

This container is now being used in the chicken area. I’ll be back soon to let you know how it works for my girls.


Composting was a disaster for me! Worst idea ever. All it really did was feed the rats and those rats told all of the other rats and we had a serious problem.

It didn’t work out for the chickens. They were not interested in the plastic box.

Although the idea is terrific, I have yet to meet someone who was truly successful and didn’t attract rats and flies and raccoons.

I won’t do this again.

As far as decluttering food….throw it out and let the trash company do their job.

What To Do With Placemats?

These things come in handy and do protect furniture. For years we had placemats that were maps. Kids can learn a lot while eating their cereal. They make great gifts, can decorate a table and are useful. But it’s time. I have not used many of my placemats in years. Time to donate.Placemats

Stupid Steamer

Yesterday I burned myself while trying to use and fix a floor steamer. After I bought it, I thought it was a great buy. It worked for a few months, the floors did look better and then it was put in the garage for the occasional use.

I must not have followed instructions because rust and gunk eventually became part of the cleaning process and I knew that wasn’t normal. I filled with water and a little vinegar. It got hot but then the hose part wasn’t working. I knew it was broken and decided to unscrew the cap. This is when it popped with steam and burned my left hand. (I’m left handed)

Some places will take broken electrical items but check first. Even taking back to the store where you purchased it might work. Just don’t expect a refund.

For the next week or so I will have to use my right hand. I always thought I was a little uncoordinated but having to use my right hand now proves it.

One other thing. Growing up we were not allowed to say “Stupid” or “Shut Up”.

STUPID STUPID STUPID STEAMER! Why did I buy in the first place?

You say, you bought one too? Shut up, no way!

A mop and elbow grease works just as well! Save your money!

What To Do With Cloth Napkins

green cloth napkinsPainful, isn’t it?  Finding something you paid good money for, only to have never used them. Sandy was clearing out her drawers of table cloths and napkins and saw that a whole pack of napkins costing $32.00 were not even opened. What’s worse, they’ve been there for years. Why oh why did I buy them? She remembers that they were on sale, so the tag of $32.00 was most likely the full price. Even getting 50% off would not have been worth it.

It’s hard to let go of expensive things. We pride ourselves in finding those great deals out there. This is when we acknowledge that it really wasn’t a good deal after all.

Next time she will think twice before buying impulsively. No one likes to feel taken, however that is how she felt.

Ouch, it does hurt but there is no need to lose sleep over this bad deal. Live and learn and move on.

Impulsive buying is almost always a mistake. Sometimes we get lucky but usually it goes the other way.

What To Do With Oven Mitts

old oven mitsKaren had this one favorite pair of oven mitts. She also had many more scattered around in several drawers in her kitchen.

She is in the process of organizing her kitchen and more space would make it easier to locate things. Oven mitts with holes in them are a dangerous way to get burned. That meant this pair had to be thrown away.

Downsizing is a good way to get organized.

Look around your kitchen and count how many oven mitts you own. If you are feeling energetic, look at other things as well. Maybe it’s towels or tile hot plates that are squished into the drawers that could be downsized.

We use all of it but we really don’t need that many. Creating more space in the kitchen gives us extra breathing room for when we have to cook, especially big meals for lots of people.

Make due with less and you won’t just feel more organized you will BE MORE ORGANIZED!


What To Do With Mugs

world's best boss mugDo you have a full set of mugs that are routinely used?  Or a collection of chipped mismatched mugs that are not being used?

Thinking about what to buy for my husband when we were dating wasn’t easy until I found out that he collected mugs. Then it got easy!

Easy for the buyer but eventually overwhelming for the receiver.


These mugs have other uses besides holding tea and coffee. In many houses and offices across the world, it isn’t uncommon to see them holding pens and pencils. Makeup or shaving soap, anything that needs a holder.

Re-gift with something fun inside. Candy comes to mind.

If you are done re-gifting and don’t have any more pens or pencils to hold then think about donating.

Organizing is code for decluttering. To be successful you need to get rid of things you no longer use.

Make life simple and you will begin to feel more organized.




What To Do With Vases

vasesCollecting vases is what many of us do without even trying. Most flower deliveries includes the vase and over the years the vase makers have gotten quite creative.

I don’t remember ever buying a vase but I have several that haven’t been used in years. With all of the flowers in my garden it isn’t uncommon for me to have fresh flowers displayed inside and out.

However, I don’t use most of them so it was time to simplify.


Make it a point to give flowers this year in a vase. Whether store bought or cut from your garden, they are pretty to receive.



Trash if they are broken and be careful if disposing sharp glass edges.

If you are a crafty person, there is no end to what you can do with extra vases around the house.

Making center pieces, coin jars, lamps, painting and decorating plain vases and creating a one of a kind masterpiece, candy jars, filling them with anything and everything for an unusual gift.

For the brave…..If you are ready to declutter your vases then here is a good step by step process.

Gather all of the vases in your house and put on kitchen table.

Take all of the vases that you haven’t used in a year, wrap them safely and put in donate box.

Take the donate box to goodwill or 2nd hand shop.

How simple is that?

Time to add some water and fresh flowers to the vase I actually use and enjoy. vase with flowers

Discovering Minimalism

Living with less.

This may or may not be for you. I’m not here to twist your arm but to propose an alternative to living with lots of stuff.

Alternative – Live with less

Charity – Giving is good

Benefits – Peace of mind and freedom








What To Do With Fake Fruit

2013-11-04 10.03.11There was a time in my life when I needed fake fruit and I knew just the person to call.

Thank God for moms.

Using props when teaching Spanish is a good technique. Back in the day, walking into the preschool rooms with a basket of fruit on my head was a sure way to get attention and made my teaching more successful.

My mom always had fake fruit around the house. It wasn’t uncommon for kids to bite into what they thought was a real apple. We often had to ask because she would occasionally mix real and fake. It was hard to tell the difference.

If you are ready to declutter your fruit or simply need a change then consider getting rid of them.  I mean no disrespect for those that want to decorate with glass grapes or plastic fruit. They do add a nice touch and can make any kitchen come alive but maybe it’s time.

If you need them, like for teaching Spanish, then keep but if you don’t use, or need or enjoy then put them in the goodwill bag.

It’s just plastic fruit after all. If you find that you suddenly need some, make a trip to the dollar store.



Out With The Old And In With The New

coffee jarsSurely I’m not the only person out there that gets excited when something is nearing the end, the new jar comes out and the thrill of throwing out or recycling is in air.

Yes, the coffee is almost gone and the new jar is ready to open. So I take the tablespoon that remains and dump it in the new jar.

Glass jars can be recycled in so many ways. They can hold many things and the fact that they are see through makes it easier to see exactly what’s in there.

What to do with glass jars?

Recycle and use as a pin cushion, candle holder, fill with herbs or homemade food, glass bottle chandelier, vases, decorate and make pretty napkin holders, water glasses, pen and pencil holder.

For the crafty person, there is no end to what you can do to decorate these glass jars. For most of us, the answer is to get rid of it.

A key for maintaining organization is keeping a good balance of stuff. If you bring something into the house something has to go. If you buy a new shirt then get rid of an old shirt. This is a little trick that the pros promote.

Remember, being organized is a way of life. If you continue to bring things into the home without getting rid of stuff you will once again be surrounded in a heap of stuff. Stuff that may not add any value to your life.

Remember to recycle!