Everything You Own Needs Attention

adam in gardenAnything and everything you own will more than likely need your attention at some point.

If it breaks you will need to fix it. This is what happened to one of the sprinklers this morning, it made me think that the old fashion simple way with a hose might be easier.

If it doesn’t need fixing it will need cleaning.

If it doesn’t need cleaning it will need to be insured.

If it doesn’t need to be insured it will need to be picked.

And on it goes.

Think twice before buying, whatever it may be, it will need your time, money and attention.




How To Declutter Food And Composting…. UPDATE….2nd Update…Worst Idea Ever!


composting foodHow to declutter food, PROPERLY.

Farming. It’s in my DNA. The problem is, I don’t live on a farm so I pretend and that is what started the problem.

Who out there doesn’t hate throwing out food? Such a shame and what a waste is what comes to mind when I have to toss food that is no longer edible. If I keep it and it decomposes then it becomes good fertilizer for my garden.

With that in mind I started to throw food down the little hill in my backyard. Choosing an area away from the house was the smart thing to do because I knew it would attract lots of flies. I started to notice more and more squirrels around the back along with more flies and a strong smell of rot and ferment.

Then one night the dogs started to go wild. Barking was sure to wake up the neighbors so we quickly ran out there to grab them. They had cornered a “pig possum”. That is the only way to describe this creature. It wasn’t a normal possum but something out of a horror movie. We had never seen anything like it before. That thing, was after all that rotting food in my compost pile.

Clearly the way I was composting for my area was incorrect. That is when I purchased a composter. The picture on back of the instructions showed nice dark dirt coming out the bottom. So far that hasn’t happened. composting box

It has a long way to go before the thing is full but for now it does feel nice to be able to through out old food with the exceptions of meat, fat, and dairy. I’ll do an update in a few months and let you know how it worked out.


The whole family got involved but we never had that rich brown dirt as a result of our effort.


We had more squirrels and raccoons and finally the decision was made to end our composting. Some was buried into ground and some went into the trash.

This container is now being used in the chicken area. I’ll be back soon to let you know how it works for my girls.


Composting was a disaster for me! Worst idea ever. All it really did was feed the rats and those rats told all of the other rats and we had a serious problem.

It didn’t work out for the chickens. They were not interested in the plastic box.

Although the idea is terrific, I have yet to meet someone who was truly successful and didn’t attract rats and flies and raccoons.

I won’t do this again.

As far as decluttering food….throw it out and let the trash company do their job.

Want To Feel Better?

Organize something! It doesn’t even matter what it is or where you start. Organizing will include getting rid of stuff you don’t use, need or enjoy. After that, go outside. Have fun!santa monica pierSan Diego Harbor

If Every Drawer In Your House Is A Junk Drawer……

Then maybe it’s time.

This morning when I got on the computer one of the headlines caught my attention. It read…


It all started with a 9 volt battery tucked away in a junk drawer.

Too much junk is not safe!

Too much clutter is not good. Motivated to do something about it? There is the challenge.

What To Do With Children’s Books

We all want our children to read and to read well. Starting with the classics and then going from there will surely make them well rounded, smart, and wise.
Childrens Classic Books

The problem is, if we keep all of these, gifted or bought, we will need an extra room in the house that resembles a library. Not a bad thing but not practical.


It’s quiet and calm and can house those books that you have donated throughout the years.

We’ve all heard the predictions that hard copies of books would disappear as they are now moving to online books but something tells me these books will always be around.

It’s been said that if you read to children that they will benefit in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of those benefits and skills that will improve.

Higher IQ’s



Language skills





So as your go through your dusty books think about donating. Don’t forget to get a tax receipt from the library.

There is one other massive benefit. It will save you a bundle of money. Just ask my husband!




What To Do With Kites

This is usually not an issue because these things break all too often and usually on the first day.

I get it, you are trying to recreate that scene in a movie, running on the beach with wind in your hair and background music. It’s never worked for David and he’s tried so many times. This isn’t to say that many of us haven’t had fun experiences with our kids for just making the effort. Even if there were tears.

Life is short. Fly a kite.


What To Do With Jewelry Gift Boxes

They are pretty but do you use them? Are they empty? There is your starting point.

Maybe you simply save for when you need a small box for your own gift giving. That was why Carol saved these handy little holders but it was time to let go. As pretty as they were, they were taking up space. Letting go of small things give us momentum. Three simple questions. Do I use it? Do I need it? Do I enjoy it?

Jewelry Gift Boxes

What To Do With Chicken Decorations?

They are gone! Once I mentioned to someone how much I would love to have “chickens”, the chicken gifts started. Don’t get me wrong. I still love them and have real ones but there was no reason to clutter the house with all sorts of chicken stuff.

Two less things to clean.Chicken Decoractions

What To Do With Tea Sets

tea pots


Life is about making memories.

This story is in honor of my Auntie Bette. She passed away in Nov of 2015.


Bette was a real southern lady. It was important to her that she teach her daughters and grand daughters manners.

She was beautiful and smart but it was her sense of humor that made her famous.

One day when her grand daughters were visiting, she suggested that they would have a tea party. This was her opportunity to teach them how to properly sip tea, with the pinky finger extended and then how to blot like a lady with the napkin, along with polite conversation.

At some point during their tea party, Bette would grab her throat and would pretend like someone had poisoned her tea. With a wink in her eye, she would rise up with arms extended and announce she was a ZOMBIE and the fun screaming and running around the house would begin.

The ending was always the same. She would find them and tickle and kiss them.

It soon became a tradition. One of her grand daughters, through her tears, retold this story at Bette’s memorial service.

Her influence was tremendous in our lives. I can only imagine her reunion with my dad and the rest of our family in heaven.



What To Do With Ironing Boards?

Every house has one. But why? It’s so rare that we iron because most of the clothes we buy are “no iron” clothes.

They take up space but we do occasionally use them. Are there alternatives? How about the kitchen counter?

Mine is still in a closet but I think it’s time. Can’t even remember the last time I used it.
Ironing Board