What To Do With Fingernail Polish

fingernail polishFingernail polish is technically paint, right? So what do you do with paint, besides paint walls?

Art projects and marking or labeling things were the most talked about on the internet. In years past, I used to stop runs in the panty hose. More recently I’ve used to mark up keys.

Clear polish has the most possibilities. Painting over things that could use a clear coat to prevent rusting or to make something shiny.

My guess is most people eventually throw away bottles that are old and gunky. You could always add a thinner if your favorite color is getting too thick.

These things can be inexpensive to buy and maybe that is why we end up collecting so many.

Simplify your collection by giving away the ones you don’t use.




What To Do With Sewing Machines

sewing machineBack in the 60’s I think every house on the block had a sewing machine. How many of us remember being in the local store, trying to stay out of trouble while our mothers would look through patterns.

Everyone my age had to take homemaking in high school and all of us girls learned to make at least a couple of tops or dresses in those classes.

Those days are over. Clothes are now cheaper to buy than to make.

My mom still has her sewing machine and used it last year to make a costume for one of the grand kids. It’s also occasionally used to fix a hem.

I have one that is old and sentimental. It’s never used. I keep thinking it’s worth something.                    singer sewing machine

Others out there thought the same thing. That is why they are all over the place and no one will be paying me the thousands that I was hoping for.

Some things are easier to part with than others. This one for me is more difficult but I was ready to take to the goodwill and happen to mention to my mom.

She wanted it.

Giving things to family members is a good way to get rid of something sentimental.




Discovering Minimalism

Living with less.

This may or may not be for you. I’m not here to twist your arm but to propose an alternative to living with lots of stuff.

Alternative – Live with less

Charity – Giving is good

Benefits – Peace of mind and freedom








What To Do With Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dressesHere are just a few of the bridesmaid dresses that were in my closet. What a shame to only wear once but that is usually the way it goes.

The few blogs out there that addressed this issue basically came up with the same conclusions that I did.


1. Alter them. If it is long, make it short. If it has sleeves, make it sleeveless. This changes the look enough that maybe no one will notice it is the same dress. Even if they did, they should be impressed at your resourcefulness.

2. Take to a consignment shop. These dresses can be expensive and they are mostly formal. If someone out there is shopping for a dress that they too will wear only once, a consignment shop is a good place to start. Make sure before you take to the shop that it is clean and doesn’t have smeared cake on the back side.

3. It is material. If you are a creative craft person and can sew, cut up into pieces and make a quilt.

4. If it is from another decade, wear on Halloween as a costume.

5. Sell at a yard or garage sale.

6. Ask the bride if she wants to keep one of the dresses and give it to her.

7. Donate to local thrift shop.

These dresses are no different than other things in your closet that you are not wearing. That is to say, they are not being used and taking up valuable space. I finally put in the goodwill bag and they are now out of my closet. Why didn’t I do this years ago? I guess because they were expensive and associated with a good memory I thought I was somehow obligated to hold on to them.

Today is a good day to take all of the bridesmaid dresses out of your closet. If they have been in there for decades then consider your options.

It’s time to declutter those dresses.

Downsizing And What To Do With Figurines

lladrosDusting these things are a pain! From the cheapest price of 99 cents to the most expensive into the thousands, we buy and gift them with pleasure.

If you have a Lladro collection then you may be sitting on a small fortune. So before you (mom) give to the goodwill you may want to do some homework and research on selling second hand.

I don’t think I have ever been in a home that hasn’t had some type of figure or statue and I’ve been in LOTS of homes. The ones that were handed down are the most difficult to part with.

Don’t panic just yet. You don’t need and you don’t use but if you enjoy them, then keep them. However, if you are downsizing then now is perfect time to make some decisions.



Start with a few internet searches to see which ones are worth some $$ and which ones were bought at the dollar store.

Let family know you are organizing and the key to organizing is getting rid of stuff. Gift some of these figurines to kids and grand kids.

Sell online. Using a dealer is an option, but remember they will take a portion of the profits.

Use them for a fund raiser for your favorite charity or simply donate.

It is hard to part with things that have strong memories attached. Keep in mind, these are just porcelain, glass, clay or plastic.

Memorialize by taking a photograph.

Remember, it’s just stuff and you can’t take it with you into the next world.




What To Do With Old Flags

American flagGetting rid of an American flag almost feels illegal. They represent freedom and also a severe reminder of the price paid by so many families who had loved ones that were killed in action like my mom’s uncle.

The sight of a flag at the right moment can tug at our heart, especially if you hear music in the background.

Flags are not unique just to those of us living in North America but all over the world. Flags are symbols of patriotism and give a sense of belonging to a group.

But what do you do when you have old flags that are not being used?

An internet search will bring up several articles on Flag Etiquette.

Below are 2 recommendations for disposal;

When the flag is in bad condition it needs replacing. Buy at a flag store and they will take your old flag.

Destroying a flag by burning in a dignified way is recommended. Warning! We don’t want to start fires! Check with local organizations that have burning ceremonies.

When it comes to the smaller ones, like you see above, most of us throw out or recycle. When in doubt, recycle.

Happy Forth of July!






What To Do With Your Chicken Collection

gold chickensThey are kind of cute, aren’t they?

If your goal is organization then getting rid of clutter is a must.

What is clutter?

NOUN; A confused or disordered state or collection

VERB; To make disorderly or hard to use by filling or covering with objects

Collections can be a problem and before you know it, there are chickens everywhere. You didn’t mean for it to get out of control, but it did and now you need a change.

Now what?

Some options;

For starters, you need to inform those who buy you gifts that you no longer wish to collect chickens. That can be a blow to the gift buyer because up until now you were super easy to buy for.

Get rid of a few. Pick out the ugly and the broken. Donate or throw away. It’s a start and you will eventually see that it wasn’t that bad to shed a few.

Memorialize your collection by taking a picture and framing it.

Sell on the internet or in local classifieds.

Give to family members that might want it as a conversation piece.

Get rid of what you don’t need, use or enjoy.

I do like chickens.

Real and fake. Many of us had grandparents that raised chickens in their backyards or farms. I had a grandma that raised them in her attic in New York in the 30’s.

If you raise chickens here is a helpful site;


Words of encouragement.

Don’t be afraid to end a collection.

What’s the worse thing that can happen if I part with my collection?





What To Do With Puzzles

PuzzlesDoes anyone out there have patients anymore for putting together a puzzle? For some it’s a hobby and can be a relaxing hobby. The art of piecing together a puzzle could also mean a good social time. Where you are actually having a conversation with a real person sitting in front of you instead of a computer.

Oh….The Good Ol’ Days

For most of us, they were given to us as gifts, and those gifts are now up in our closets. The honest truth is… we will NEVER work on these things again and yet we keep, despite the missing pieces. Why? Not sure.

Maybe you put together a very impressive puzzle and then had it laminated to hang like a picture on a wall. It may even be a conversation piece.

If you are working on a puzzle or if you enjoy looking at the puzzle hanging on the wall then, keep. But, if you are tired of keeping them for no good reason then consider selling them or giving them away.

Do you use it? Do you need it? Do you enjoy it?

Starting with these questions will help you begin the process.

It’s this simple…Are you working on the puzzle or is it just taking up space?



Out With The Old And In With The New

coffee jarsSurely I’m not the only person out there that gets excited when something is nearing the end, the new jar comes out and the thrill of throwing out or recycling is in air.

Yes, the coffee is almost gone and the new jar is ready to open. So I take the tablespoon that remains and dump it in the new jar.

Glass jars can be recycled in so many ways. They can hold many things and the fact that they are see through makes it easier to see exactly what’s in there.

What to do with glass jars?

Recycle and use as a pin cushion, candle holder, fill with herbs or homemade food, glass bottle chandelier, vases, decorate and make pretty napkin holders, water glasses, pen and pencil holder.

For the crafty person, there is no end to what you can do to decorate these glass jars. For most of us, the answer is to get rid of it.

A key for maintaining organization is keeping a good balance of stuff. If you bring something into the house something has to go. If you buy a new shirt then get rid of an old shirt. This is a little trick that the pros promote.

Remember, being organized is a way of life. If you continue to bring things into the home without getting rid of stuff you will once again be surrounded in a heap of stuff. Stuff that may not add any value to your life.

Remember to recycle!



What To Do With Odds And Ends

locksLocks with no combinations. Missing weight mate. Broken shoe things. Magnets that hold clutter to fridge. Bathroom toothbrush holder that was always dirty. Old shoe shiner that kind of works. They all need to go and I won’t miss any of them. Less clutter to deal with is a good thing. It simplifies life. Too many of these little items around the house begin to add up to lots of clutter. magnets

shoe shinner

toothbrush holder

broken show insert


missing  weight