How To Organize. Clutter = Negativity


Here is a recap of an old TV clip on organizing couples.

1. The disorganized young couple.

Problem. They had little space, living out of boxes, no actual closet and came together with lots of stuff. Including too many college t-shirts that needed to go.

Solution. They bought a closet they could put together so stuff they used would have a designated place. They purchased nice hangers and before hanging their clothes they did a fashion show for each other. Decisions were made on what they would keep and what they would get rid of, including 90% of those college t shirts.


2. The older couple.

Problem. They came together later in life and had to merge two households. He liked his MR COFFEE and she liked her FRENCH COFFEE PRESS.

Solution. They bought a coffee maker that did both. They had two of everything so consolidation was their answer.


3. One is messy and the other is neat couple.

Problem. He drove her crazy and needed his own space.

Solution. The man cave. This gives him an area for his own stuff that he won’t get rid of. She needs to stay out of this area.

Decluttering is a must if you want to be organized!





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