Declutter Like You Exercise – Happy New Year!

What works for someone else, may or may not work for you. This is why it can be helpful to hear lots of stories and ideas.


How many of us have bought the treadmill or an elliptical with the best of intentions? Decluttering like you exercise might work for you. It happens when the mood is right. It happens when we feel up and energetic.

Your goal might be consistency but that doesn’t always work. One thing we know about exercise is, others inspire us. This is why joining the gym works for many of you and for others it might be walking or jogging with a friend or a group.

The most common of the New Years Resolutions is lose weight and exercise.

Why not add GET ORGANIZED to the list? Find a friend or a group, even a class on organizing or time management.

Life can be complicated so why not simplify what you can?



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