Decluttering And Finding Your Own Paradise Island

paradise islandHas anyone out there seen the documentary about the Galapagos Islands? It was good. There would be many things one could discuss regarding this documentary and the natural one for me would be the desire in humans to be organized and free from clutter.

A new life and a new beginning was the goal. It didn’t quite work out like they had hoped but the desire was there. One of the relatives of the main character was interviewed and summed it up,”…..the problem with moving to your paradise island is you take YOU with you…..”

Being free from the valueless things that weigh you down sounds like paradise to me. YOU can change!

At first it can be a little painful. Getting rid of those skinny clothes that no longer fit isn’t what you had first envisioned when you bought them. Or the decoration for the house that worked for awhile but now is just a sore spot.

Make the trip. Declutter the stuff that you no longer use, need or enjoy. Discover your paradise island!




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