Does This Add Value To My Life?

Green TractorBelieve it or not, today this toy adds value to my life and is a really big deal to my three year old grandson.

Organizing is something you do everyday even if you don’t recognize it as organizing.

The question for you today is, are you organizing and shuffling stuff around the house that you don’t value?

Do I use it?

Do I need  it?

Do I enjoy it?

In other words…

  Does it add value to my life?

Obviously that answer will be different for everyone. A baby swing for a young mom adds incredible value to her life.

Today is an exciting day! I will be playing “garbage truck day” with my 3 year old grandson. This is when we pretend to be garbage trucks and make loud sounds using our arms as claws as we pretend to pick up garbage cans.

I am old enough to realize that when he is 12 he probably won’t want to play our sweet silly games like he does now. This is what I value today.

If things are not adding value to your life, then why do you keep them?

The answer I get the most is….just in case. Then my next question is…What is the worse thing that could possibly happen if you get rid of it and then need it?

It’s a process. The more you declutter the better you will get. Your anxiety level will go down because you will soon realize that it is only stuff. For most of you out there, stuff isn’t what you value. It is the people in your life that you value.



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