Decluttering And Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA. One of the few times we come together to celebrate regardless of religion or politics. What does this have to do with organizing and decluttering?

You know me, any subject, any holiday at anytime, can be spun into conversation about organizing and the benefits of decluttering.

Does it add value to your life?

Many of us want to be organized so we can spend more time doing what we love. Spending time with friends and family is usually at the top of the list along with a favorite hobby.

Today is about being with family but that is not to say you can’t take a mental note of the things you are using around your Thanksgiving table.

Remember those platters, gravy bowls and that special electric knife you save year after year for your big T-dinner? Well, now it the time to use. If you don’t use then you have some thinking to do tomorrow.

Do I keep or get rid of?

And by the way…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!



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