How To Keep A Secret

Keeping A secretThe question that is asked the most is,

How do I successfully get rid of my spouses stuff?

The answer…. You don’t!

Now before I take the spec out of your eye, I need to┬áremove the┬álog out of mine and confess that I rarely follow my own advise. We know how attached we can become to our stuff. Especially the stuff that has sentimental value. Maybe it belonged to a mother or a father. Maybe it is worth a lot on E-Bay and we have plans to make millions… whatever the reason, it is important to keep (for now).

Would you agree that most women are in charge of the stuff in the house? This should be reason enough for the women to make the decision on what stays and what goes. Some might think that women are typically the hoarders but I’m not so sure that is correct.

So for today don’t throw out his stuff. Find a place that is his. Like the man cave in the garage or a corner of a room or his closet where the stuff can be stored.

If it happens to disappear make sure you are the only one that knows about…….

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