How to Organize Batteries

BatteriesIt’s hard to keep batteries in one area. No matter how determined we are, they pop up in unusual places, including the refrigerator.  I tried to keep all of them in a plastic box  but because I live with others, that box would often disappear.

We had a prompt family meeting to announce “don’t put old batteries in with the new.” You would think that is a given, but apparently not.

Battery Recycling

I was confused as to what to do with the old ones. In the olden days we would toss batteries in the trash, but laws have changed and we can’t do that anymore. Local companies often have “electronic drop off days that include batteries”

Home Depot in my area had one not long ago. They said I could drop off all batteries except for “Forklift batteries”. Assuming you don’t have any forklift batteries, you should be fine.

Replacing Batteries

The reason the battery box came out today was, I have those little solar lights for my backyard and many of them were not lighting up. After finding the battery box, I replaced most of them until I ran out of batteries. About half of them worked after that, the rest didn’t.

So now I don’t know if the battery didn’t work or if the little light bulb was broken.   This is why it is important to have a battery tester.

I had no idea in researching, what to do with batteries, that it was so complicated. The government website explains everything. Everything I ever wanted to know about batteries.

Bottom line is….laws have changed. You can’t just toss in the trash anymore. One option is get the rechargeable batteries. Then you would have less to get rid of. The other option for today is gather all of your batteries.

How to Organize Batteries That Are Still Good

The best thing I’ve seen so far is this battery organizer on Amazon.

Battery Organizer/Tester

So take today to organize your batteries, and take back the power!

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