Is It Worth Keeping?

pink buttoned shirtThis morning, like every morning, I stand in front of the closet and make that same decision. What do I wear today?

Most of us women have less pants, but more shirts, tops and blouses. Therefore, the bigger decision is usually what top to wear.

If the criteria is; keep if you have worn during the year, then I am OK to keep everything, but….

Is it necessary to keep if you only wear few times a year? My conclusion is, NO.

Years ago I went to a funeral, wearing a blouse with buttons.  It was about a month after my first son was born and I was feeling proud of the weight I had lost. I thought I would only be there a couple of hours, in time to get back home and nurse.  The service was a little longer than expected and I of course wanted to visit with people and eat a bite.

At some point while eating, a man signaled to me to look down at my blouse and to my horror 2 buttons had snapped. I have no idea how long I was walking around exposing myself but I have forever been aware since that day, that blouse buttons do occasionally pop open. Maybe this is why I rarely pick blouses but go more for the comfortable t-shirt type shirts.

I’m discovering more and more how freeing it is to have less stuff. Getting rid of what I don’t wear and narrowing it down from there is even more freeing.





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