What To Do With Kids Sleeping Bags

kids sleeping bagsThe average family with kids at one point will need a sleeping bag. Church, school or family camping is when they are used the most.

These things can last a long time. They are washable and roll up neatly, where they stay on top of the closet year after year.

When was the last time you used a sleeping bag?

I didn’t have that many but there was this one that I had kept, because it was kind of fun.

It was never used on any camping trip but was used occasionally in the living room when making forts on Saturday mornings.

In an effort to simplify things around the house I am now looking at things like this sleeping bag and asking if this adds enough value to our lives to keep.

It’s clean, cute and does serve a purpose but truth be told it wasn’t worth keeping. Why? It was only used a couple times a year and that was because I felt obligated to use it.

Someone out there could make better use of it. What I learn from things like this is just because it’s a good deal in the store doesn’t mean it will make my life better or more meaningful.

Think of all of things in your house that you have purchased over the years that had a purpose. From kitchen gadgets that chopped things in record time to cute little sleeping bags. How often did you really use them?

Think twice before buying these things. Marketing people know how to make you think you can’t live without it.

Trust me. You can live without it!




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