The Monster Under The Bed

Looking for SocksWhat is under your bed?

In most houses there are indeed little monsters that love being in your bedroom.

Dust Mites and lots of them!

If you have ever seen one of the dust mites magnified they do look like horrible monsters. The kind in your nightmares.

By the way, those little monsters love it when there is clutter under there.

If you have carpet it is a pain to move the bed and vacuum but it should be done. We know the reality of doing that once a week is slim to none but if you don’t have anything under the bed it sure would make it easier.

Doing what you can to control dust is a must if you or anyone in your house suffers from allergies.

Think about it. Dust likes stuff. The more stuff you have the more dust you have. Most of us don’t dust everyday.  By clearing out old stuff and decluttering you will make dusting more efficient.

Declutter and sneeze less!




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