My Fortune Cookie

IMG_0898Fortune cookies are such a treat after a great dinner. It’s a moment around the table shared by all usually followed with laughter or envie, because someone else got the fortune cookie you wanted.

This was mine. Seemed quite appropriate for me, as I am always tidying my room. It’s been a few months and I haven’t found any lost item. Why? Because I have decluttered to such an extent there are no surprises in my room.

There is a funny wisdom in this fortune. Whoever wrote it clearly understands the world wide phenomena of too much stuff, clutter and even hoarding.

This suggests that important things get lost in stuff.  This helps make my point. Your answer may not be to organize what you have but to get rid of what you don’t use, need or enjoy.

Simplify your life.

You will be so happy you did and maybe you’ll even find that lost item you have been looking for.


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