What To Do With Ironing Boards?

Ironing Board

Every house has one. But why? It’s so rare that we iron because most of the clothes we buy are “no iron” clothes. They take up space but we do occasionally use them. Are there alternatives? How about the kitchen counter? Mine is still in a closet but I think it’s time. Can’t even remember […]

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Life Hack

“A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.” When it comes to organizing your stuff, the best life hack advise out there is, first get rid of things you don’t need or use or enjoy. It’s that simple. You will be amazed with the […]

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Does It Bring Joy?

Told you so! Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” People everywhere in this community are talking about this “new idea”. Through out this blog we repeat: Do you need it? Do you use it? Do you enjoy it? She even made it more simple. Does it bring you joy? If not, you know […]

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Surrounded By A Sea Of Stuff

If you are feeling like you are drowning in a sea of stuff then maybe it’s time to get organized. And when I say get organized, well…. that means get rid of the things that you don’t use, need or enjoy. Keeping things because you might need or use never works out. It will just […]

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“Too Many People Spend Money They Haven’t Earned, To Buy Things They Don’t Want, To Impress People They Don’t Like” Will Rogers

Wow! How true this is!   Recommend on FacebookPin it on pinterestshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about it

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What To Do With Plastic Closet Organizing Shelves?

Plastic Organizers

These white plastic shelves are a good idea for some closets. Especially if you don’t have dresser drawers. It’s easy to see what your looking for and are designed to air out whatever it’s holding. All of the closet holders, hangers, shelves, hooks and anything else that helps organize a closet is a good idea. […]

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What To Do With Placemats?


These things come in handy and do protect furniture. For years we had placemats that were maps. Kids can learn a lot while eating their cereal. They make great gifts, can decorate a table and are useful. But it’s time. I have not used many of my placemats in years. Time to donate. Recommend on […]

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What To Do With The Green Turtle Sand Box?

Green Turtle Sand Box

This green turtle full of sand gave us many hours of fun, playing in the sun. We did notice the neighborhood cat sniffing around it and sure enough that cat left little surprises behind. Green Turtle was cleaned out more than once and at some point just wasn’t being used. Year after year I see […]

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What To Do With Homemade Binaculars?

Homemade Binaculars

My grandson made these and we did actually play with them for a couple of days. Think of all of the homemade gifts you will receive during your lifetime from kids and grandkids. Keeping everything would be a recipe for insanity. There is no shame in using things for a season or for a couple […]

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Closet Hanger Organizers

Closet hanger organizers

I fell for it too! Thinking I could buy these and it would automatically make me organized. It worked at first but then I realized the things I hung on the lower bars were pants I never wore. I’m not saying don’t buy but think before buying. These things are made to utilize space¬†efficiently. If […]

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