Before And After Bookcase

Bookcase Before

  This last weekend a friend and I were busy organizing. The catch all area for them was their bookcase. They estimated  the mess in their office has caused them to spend hours looking for the documents needed for a tax return. Frustration and blame does not make for a happy home. The only way […]

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“The Secret Of Happiness, You See, Is Not Found In Seeking More, But In Developing The Capacity To Enjoy Less” Socrates

Beach Shore

 SIMPLIFYING AND LEARNING TO BE CONTENT, TRULY BRINGS HAPPINESS! Recommend on FacebookPin it on pinterestshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about it

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Decluttering And Finding Your Own Paradise Island

paradise island

Has anyone out there seen the documentary about the Galapagos Islands? It was good. There would be many things one could discuss regarding this documentary and the natural one for me would be the desire in humans to be organized and free from clutter. A new life and a new beginning was the goal. It […]

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Stupid Steamer

Yesterday I burned myself while trying to use and fix a floor steamer. After I bought it, I thought it was a great buy. It worked for a few months, the floors did look better and then it was put in the garage for the occasional use. I must not have followed instructions because rust […]

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What To Do With Cloth Napkins

green cloth napkins

Painful, isn’t it?  Finding something you paid good money for, only to have never used them. Sandy was clearing out her drawers of table cloths and napkins and saw that a whole pack of napkins costing $32.00 were not even opened. What’s worse, they’ve been there for years. Why oh why did I buy them? […]

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How To Cut Clutter Article

I love it when there is an article on Yahoo that pops up about clutter or organizing. Usually there is some take away that is helpful but today’s article was really pointless and just plain wrong. It gave 11 ideas. Those ideas just created more clutter. If you have clutter that you don’t need, use […]

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What To Do With Oven Mitts

old oven mits

Karen had this one favorite pair of oven mitts. She also had many more scattered around in several drawers in her kitchen. She is in the process of organizing her kitchen and more space would make it easier to locate things. Oven mitts with holes in them are a dangerous way to get burned. That […]

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“Indecision is the graveyard of good intentions”

Not sure who said this one, but isn’t it true? When it comes to making a decision about stuff, (keep or not keep) the indecision is a problem. There are many sayings about good intentions, like…. Good intentions and 50 cents will only buy you a cup of coffee at your local gas station. Or, […]

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Are You Ready For 2015?

orange flower

This could be your year to get organized! Here are some starter tips; CHECK YOUR FIRE ALARMS CLEAN OUT THE FRIDGE CLEAR OFF THE COUNTER TOPS CLEAR OUT PAPERS AND RECEIPTS NOT NEEDED FOR TAXES   Recommend on FacebookPin it on pinterestshare via RedditShare with StumblersTweet about it

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Who Says Bigger Is Better?

How did this happen? Being tricked into thinking that bigger homes were better and somehow believing it would make us happy, simply wasn’t true. The last time I walked through a big model home I started to think… WOW, I could be happy living here. Why? Because it wasn’t cluttered, everything was new and the […]

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