Stupid Steamer

Yesterday I burned myself while trying to use and fix a floor steamer. After I bought it, I thought it was a great buy. It worked for a few months, the floors did look better and then it was put in the garage for the occasional use.

I must not have followed instructions because rust and gunk eventually became part of the cleaning process and I knew that wasn’t normal. I filled with water and a little vinegar. It got hot but then the hose part wasn’t working. I knew it was broken and decided to unscrew the cap. This is when it popped with steam and burned my left hand. (I’m left handed)

Some places will take broken electrical items but check first. Even taking back to the store where you purchased it might work. Just don’t expect a refund.

For the next week or so I will have to use my right hand. I always thought I was a little uncoordinated but having to use my right hand now proves it.

One other thing. Growing up we were not allowed to say “Stupid” or “Shut Up”.

STUPID STUPID STUPID STEAMER! Why did I buy in the first place?

You say, you bought one too? Shut up, no way!

A mop and elbow grease works just as well! Save your money!


  1. Cute posting, but I’m going to tell your mother you said ‘stupid’.

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