Like Items With Like Items

How long would it take you to find a paper clip or a rubber band in your house? Would you know exactly where to go or would you have to open every drawer including the glove compartment in your car?

This tip will save you not only time but money.

One of my jobs now is keeping an office building organized. The company has close to 50 employees with 14 of those behind computers.  I can easily estimate that hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper pass through their hands every month. Every station has what it needs to do a good days work and the rest of the supplies are stored away all over the building.

Sometimes OCD is a Good Thing

Several years ago, Nancy was hired. She quickly confessed to me that she was obsessive compulsive about organizing and cleaning. Every company should be so lucky to have a Nancy. One day our expensive order of envelops with the company logo arrived. She went to find places to store them and opened up a cupboard that had been sealed shut with spider webs. To her surprise it was stuffed with envelopes with the company logo. We don’t know how long they had been there but we were certain there were roach eggs along the glue strip.

She put her foot down and announced to everyone in the building;

From now on  “Like items with like items”

One of the Ten Commandment’s of Organizing

I’m not sure who coined this phrase but it is one of the ten commandments in organizing. You will save yourself a lot of irritation if you use this technique. It makes perfect sense. You wouldn’t  keep a spatula in your underwear drawer would you?

Think logically. Everything used for cooking is kept in the kitchen. Everything you wear is kept in the bedroom not on top of the couch. If you have an office space or corner then keep paper supplies, stapler, tape, stamps, pens and pencils in that space and not in the bathroom. You get the idea.

Nancy and I continue to keep that office organized and everyone benefits.

Remember it is a process. Make it fun!