The Stuff Above The Washing Machine

Above the washing machineMost households have washing detergent, softener and little softener towelettes above the washing machine. But, that’s not all we keep up there.

There are lots of half filled bottles, including bottles you bought back the early eighties. It’s amazing the stuff hasn’t completely dried up.

Can you spot the super oil for the sewing machine that I haven’t used in years? I hate throwing it away because it’s oil and probably still works but most of us own a can of WD40.

Some shoe shine stuff and boot lotion and bug repellant that I don’t use.

What to do?

Apart from the air can, I haven’t used any of these in years.

Discovering minimalism.

Having less stuff, (especially stuff not being used) is easier on the brain. There are many benefits.

Less to insure and less to worry about, means freedom.

Living with less not only gives us more confidence it saves money.

Less to clean and less to wash means more time to play.

It’s not complicated.

Consider this –  it might be in your best interest to have less.

That includes half used bottles that are 10 years old.


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