What To Do With Gift Bags In 5 Steps

BagsPretty BagsWhether you got your bag at the yearly convention or whether it was a freebie with purchase, they are cluttered through out the house. Some are filled with stuff, not only hanging in the closet but on top of the closet. The rest of them are empty. I actually thought they were efficiently helping me organize. The opposite is true.

As my year of organizing progresses I realized they were just hoarding junk. It was time.

Step one. Gather all of the bags and put on bed.

Step two. Ask yourself, when was the last time I used this bag and the stuff in this bag?

Step three. Go through and get rid of stuff in bags that hasn’t been used in years.

Step four. Get rid of actual bag. Recycle or trash.

Step five. You can now relax. You are officially more organized!

As I got rid of the bags from all of those conventions I was flooded with great memories.  When it comes to the actual bag…be honest, THEY ARE JUST BAGS!

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