What To Do With Bird Feeders And Bird Houses

bird house bird feederYou know I love the outdoors. To be outside and hear the sounds of birds chirping is relaxing. But what do you do when you have too many bird houses and bird feeders?

The short answer is get rid of the ones that are broken or simply ugly. Although some of those homemade ones can be sentimental.

Several were in my backyard. Most of them were gifts except for the hummingbird feeder. As you can see that feeder was missing a few of the little yellow things.

Although it looked pretty when it was full of the bright red sugary stuff, it was still broken.

Here are the 3 big questions.

Were they being used?

Were they being enjoyed? 

Were they needed?

No, no and no.

In fact, my beautiful garden was looking somewhat cluttered. So here we go again. Just when I think there is no more to get rid of.

Another question when it comes to birds is what to do when they make nests around your house. I grew up hearing a story about a bird that picked up a cigarette, brought it back to it’s nest against the house. Then the house catches fire and is completely destroyed. Is that an urban myth story? Don’t know. But they say that birds carry up to 60 diseases. Who wants that around their house?

Bird houses, sentimental or not, all but 2 are in the trash.

Declutter those bird houses!


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