What To Do With Books

BooksReading is a big hobby! Not of mine, but for many, it’s your number one thing. You read non stop and you collect as well. Having the library room, full of books, with the dark green walls, the mahogany wood and the duck statue is your dream.

Your not collecting children books as pictured here but real classics. The ones that smart people read and quote. The books that got you through medical school and law school. Ya, those books.

Books are the worst if you have to move them. They are heavy as can be and as you move them you realize you probably will never read them again. So why keep?

There are many in my family that just can’t part with their books. I even went to the trouble to see if they were worth anything on the internet. Answer. Not really.

Let’s talk about your local library!

Libraries have kept up with technology and yet they still have old fashioned books. You can donate to the library and get a tax write off. They are quiet and peaceful places. They have programs for all ages and organize groups to meet and talk about books.

If you need a particular book, they can get from other libraries. Plus they have fish tanks full of pretty fish.

Is it time to declutter your book shelf?  The good thing about decluttering is you get to make that decision.

Simplify your life.

Give your books as a donation to your local library. Let them store the books for awhile.

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