What To Do With Cloth Napkins

green cloth napkinsPainful, isn’t it?  Finding something you paid good money for, only to have never used them. Sandy was clearing out her drawers of table cloths and napkins and saw that a whole pack of napkins costing $32.00 were not even opened. What’s worse, they’ve been there for years. Why oh why did I buy them? She remembers that they were on sale, so the tag of $32.00 was most likely the full price. Even getting 50% off would not have been worth it.

It’s hard to let go of expensive things. We pride ourselves in finding those great deals out there. This is when we acknowledge that it really wasn’t a good deal after all.

Next time she will think twice before buying impulsively. No one likes to feel taken, however that is how she felt.

Ouch, it does hurt but there is no need to lose sleep over this bad deal. Live and learn and move on.

Impulsive buying is almost always a mistake. Sometimes we get lucky but usually it goes the other way.

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