What To Do With Fancy Balls

fancy balls“Don’t teach them the word for BALLS”

Back in the eighties I taught Spanish part time at a local grammar school. I was the most excited to teach the older kids but was informed I had to teach in the pre-school as well. Ultimately, the ages of 3 and 4 ended up being my favorite age to teach.

The word for BALL was on one of the lesson plans and I was informed it would not be good to teach that to 12 year old boys because….you know how boys are.

Even when they grow up they giggle when they hear that word. My dad used to go to the school across the street and hit golf balls. One night a fellow Rotarian called and asked to speak to my dad. My mom replied, “He will be right here, he is out collecting his balls.”

Of course that one line was a hit at Rotary for months.

Joking aside, these pretty colorful balls are a decoration. If you like them, then keep them. If you are ready for a change consider giving away or selling instead of storing in your garage.

If you are simplifying, think simple. Decorations can be dust magnets. Don’t be afraid of empty space. Besides, cleaning a cleared surface is much easier.

Consider recycling and give someone else the opportunity to enjoy the fancy balls.

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