What To Do With It?

If you are asking, What do I do with….anything? Then chances are you are ready to get rid of it. This is your last attempt to salvage or to make use of something you simply are not using.  After spending years doing it myself and helping others figure it out.. I get it.

It is a way of relieving the guilt of buying it in the first place. Or the frustration of not doing something about it earlier.  There are only a few options when asking “what to do with”

Throw it out.

Sell it.

Give it away.

Those are your 3 most obvious answers, unless you are a crafty person. Crafty people can make anything out of everything and they will be able to sell or use themselves. Although I’ve dabbled in crafts I’m just not that clever or motivated.

If your tired of the chaos and struggle to be organized then please consider simplifying your life. There are lots of stories here that might encourage you to finally do something.

After simplifying and keeping things that you know you will use, then it’s time to look into creative ways to organize.


Hang it up! Use that air space that is normally not utilized enough.

What are you waiting for?



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