What To Do With Old Towels

old towelKeeping old towels in the garage or in a closet is something most of us do. You never know when the toilet will overflow and you need to have something around to soak up all that water. (Well, hopefully it’s water)

Other uses for old towels could be for cleaning the house, drying off pets, washing the car, drying the car, or wiping feet before entering the house. Whatever the reason…we have lots. Some of my towels were 25 years old. I remember because I bought inexpensive towels one Christmas and sewed on lace to give as gifts. They were pretty, but after 25 years of keeping, for the just in case, was over. old towel with lace

Using old towels for cleaning didn’t always work out for me. They were often the wrong type of material for cleaning and left little fur balls. Even though they were handy I always seem to grab the paper towels. Having a few around for the dogs worked but I didn’t need as many as I had in the garage.

The reason these old towels caught my attention was because in my recent trip to a big discount store, I bought some bright inexpensive new towels. This added some extra color to the bathroom and also meant I had more old towels to store.

Most were put in the trash and some of the better ones ended up in the goodwill bag. No need to freak out over getting rid of towels. Towels can be inexpensive. In fact, some of the more expensive towels are too cushy and don’t soak up the water. Not to mention the fuzz they leave behind.

Declutter your towels today!

¬†You just don’t really need that many!

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