What To Do With Scarves

scarvesThese beautiful colorful pieces of fabric are hard to part with even though you rarely use them. You may be one of the few I see around that look completely coordinated with one of these draped perfectly around your shoulders or tied around your neck but many of us don’t think to wear them that often.

Religious reasons; I had an opportunity years ago to travel to Kuala Lumpur and the women there wore beautiful scarves to cover their heads for their religion.

Practical reasons; like a wool scarf in the winter for warmth.

Fashion reason; the biggest reason I see around where I live. If you look on youtube you can find clips of women showing you all sorts of creative ways to wear them and tie them.

But what do you do when years have gone by and you just don’t grab for that scarf anymore? One thing is to get them out and make an effort to wear them but again, if a year goes by and you don’t, consider some of the following.

Other uses for scarves;

Beach Dress, Skirt, Quilts, Table Decoration, Crafts, Turn Into A Belt, Make It A Headpiece,

If those don’t work for you then consider selling it or giving it away.

Step One; Take out all of your scarves, the folded and the hanging.

Step Two; If you haven’t worn in 2 years, then sell or give away. For those of you who are getting braver, try 1 year.

Scarves are in most clothing stores. Target and Walmart have lots. So if you happen get rid of all of your scarves and you suddenly need one then relax because you know there are many more out there at good prices.

They are pretty, aren’t they?



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